Benching Everyday.. Bad?

for some reason when i do dumbell bench i dont get sore. so i tend to do it everynight right before i go to sleep to break a sweat n shower. is this bad?

Why do you do this?
Do you go till failure?

Soreness doesn’t mean crap. I would rather change the parameters and load than doing it everyday.

you might want to stop that. give your muscles some time to rest. You’re going to injure yourself benching everyday and your shoulders will explode.

soreness dosent mena your recovered. you problly way over trained those muscles.

you can bench pretty much everyday. routines by shieko suggest benching pretty much everyday and never coming close to failure

are you rowing every night too?

so even though its not sore and im still able to bench… i should stop and let it rest til the next day?

Are you making progress or just doing the same thing over and over again?

Also like mentioned throw in some rows with the benching and you will be doing your shoulders/posture a favor

my bench is getting higher and higher i guess. im just NEVER sore for somereason.
the only time was when i went to a new gym and there was a time in between that i didnt workout. about a month? im usually only sore for the first day.

what about shoulder exercises and chin ups. i do those too after i do my dumbell presses.

[quote]slantedeyez wrote:
so even though its not sore and im still able to bench… i should stop and let it rest til the next day?[/quote]

That depends.
How many reps you do? And do you go till failure?

[quote]jp_dubya wrote:
are you rowing every night too?[/quote]

I’ll elaborate on this a little: If you do 1 rep of bench, you should do 1 rep of a rowing exercise. So if you’re benching every night and only rowing once or twice, then you’ll develop an imbalance between your back and your chest. This could lead to injury and/or you’ll look funny. I think that’s how it works, anyone more knowledgable feel free to correct me.

Here’s some reference to back up my previous post, this is from a Heavy Metal article by Ian King:

"I call chest related movements horizontal pushing. I feel that any movement needs an opposite to counter the potential muscle imbalances each movement group presents. In this case, horizontal pulling (rowing movements) offers what it takes to counter the potential imbalances created by horizontal pushing (benching).

Simply put, for every horizontal pushing movement you need a horiztonal pulling movement. To advance the concept, for every time the pushing movement leads in the sequence of the workout or week, so the pulling movement needs equal priority treatment over time. That means you need to row just as much as you bench (or perhaps even more if you’ve been neglecting this) and you need to row first in the week and first in the workout just as often as you do the same with benching. "

Listen to the last couple posters, your shoulders will thank you…To make things simple you could just get right up after your last set and bent-over DB row the same DBs.

currently i usually rep til failure (5 reps)
and i do about 5-6 sets of that.

i will start rowing. thanks

If you can workout everyday your intensity must suck.

Push something heavier so you have trouble moving your arms the next 2 days.