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Benching And Curling Obsession


i congratulate justin gatling on braking new world record.

american athletes are great.
but i wonder if they could overcome this obsession with benching and curling.

for some strange reason,majority of american athletes in all sports and at all levels of competition feel the urge to bench and curl when there is no need to do so.
why is that?

i think it is some cultural-based thing.


i bet justin gatlin didnt bench&curl himself into oblivion!




american athletes are great DESPITE burling and benching.
i am sure that 99% of athletes that say they dont bench and curl,lie.
pleare,please just stop benching and curling.


i have never ,ever seen any hollywood movie about sport without a scene in the gym benching &curling.


even body builders are benching and curling too much.
but athletes should stop doing something that is counterproductive to their goals.


i know i will get hate responce from T-Nation members saying they know it already,but do you know that they are doing.

they put together a well planned training program.but at the end of training session they reward themselves with some benching and curling.

or they do their benching and curling in their own garage when no one is watching.or bench and curl not in training but as a casual recreation.


its sunday.have you done your benchinfg and curling for the week.


here is training routine from balbos thr great--
1.flat bench press-12-10-8-8-8-6-5-4-4-3-15
2.incline beench press-18-17-15-13-11-9-7-7-8-5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1
3.decline bench-22-21-19-18-16-13-13-1-1-1-1-33
4.flat bench press-10-3-1-1-1-1-1-22
5.bench press with the spotter-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1(spotter doing sumo deadlift)


and now curling routine from balbos the great

1.bb standing biceps curl-5x10
2.bb standing biceps curl with elbows to the wall-4x8
3.bb concentrated biceps curl-5 x 12
4.seated bb biceps curl-5x12
5.cheating standing biceps curl(for the posterior chain)-5X12
6.db hammer curls-5X12
7.db. concenntrated curls-5X10
8.db cheating biceps curl-6X10
9.cable seated biceeps durl-3X15
10.some more forced bicps curls(forced on poor biceps)

you can now head to the beach!!!


You my friend are out of control, but with that said these last few rantings are priceless.


Perfectly placed.
Thanks for the laugh, dude!


This is how you intend to win those two cases of brew from AA and myself? This is the great croatian training knowledge that is unknown to Americans? Stop benching and curling? Okay. I wonder what AA has to say about this. I guess we will just have to drink your brew balbos.


Wow... i've read a bunch of your posts, but now I'm convinced.

Your not a well meaning idiot, as I once thought.

Your just an angry and annoying little troll.


Should I read that with a Billy Bob Thornton accent?


Ya huh.


Balbos the great???

CT the good, David Barr the awesome.

i see a trend coming


Damn, you got me. I'll be the first person to start the Benching and Curling Annonymous program. It's an addicting habbit. I started out by curling cans of soup in the kitchen when I thought nobody was looking, then progressed to gallons of milk when I went grocery shopping. My previous girlfriends just thought I was very kind and loving when I'd pick them up and carry them around, but I really was just getting a quick curling session in.

Please don't be afraid to come forward and admit your problem. There is a quick 10-step program to solve it all.

Founder and first member of B&C Annonymous,


BALBOS from Croatia...BALBOS from Louisiana...BALBOS from Boston...

Perhaps three frat boys sitting around hitting the Bong and laughing at everybody?

Actually that is pretty funny.


At the end of this sequence, I imagined item #10 spoken with an Eastern European accent; and I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself.