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Benching 6x Week

Hey CT,
Just organising another phase of the Look like bodybuilder, perform like an athlete program.

Im adding the bench press to my lower days to end with following the squat calculations to work on speed and technique, so Im benching 6 times a week which works well…

For assistance Ive been doing triceps 2x week which is the right frequency for me, which I do at the end of my upper days.


  1. With the added bench press on lower days, is it right to keep the triceps assistance work on my upper days Sunday and Thursday?

  2. Also when training arms, do you find it better to work biceps and triceps together on the same day (upper day) or separately (biceps on lower days)?

Thanks again for the help,

If it’s a weak point, yes. Although I would prefer that you do face pulls instead to protect the shoulders

Doesn’t matter. I would PERSONALLY separate them but only because I hate training arms. But honestly it will not make a difference

Ok great, thanks for the reply.

Just finally-

  1. What is a good indicator to know if the extra bench press on lower body days is working for me?

  2. Also, on the extra bench press, should I keep the same grip as I do for my normal bench press, or should I alternate different grip width on these days?

  3. In-between the extra bench press I do band pull aparts and face pulls, is that sufficient in protecting the shoulders? This along with in-between work I do for my traps, rhomboids and rear delts I do on my upper body lifts.

Thanks again for the help,