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Benching 505 @ 238lbs


Here's a video I made in the gym awhile back. I hit 550 after this, but it was UGLY, so no video on that one! lol!


Have you checked out this thread man?



strong press


Thanks zombiec! And I checked out the thread T3, thanks!! That's good stuff right there!


Is what he's saying is you don't need to make a new thread every time you have a good lift (good lift by the way). Just put it in that thread.


Thanks LiquidMercury......will do!


Is that a bench shirt under the cutoff hoodie?


Definitely could be. There's something under there. And I'm not just saying this because it's a big lift, the way the bar came down, and the way it was pressed looks like a typical shirted bench. Anyone who trains in gear or has been around dudes using gear will know what I mean. I dunno if the OP is trying to pass this off as raw, though. Wearing a shirt over the bench shirt is kind of suspicious though.


Perhaps, or he might just be trying to avoid fielding questions like "what is that?" "how does it work? and "isn't that cheating?"

Sometimes when you're training in gear you just don't want to explain yourself to randoms.


LOL!! You guys are funny!! It is a bench shirt!! An old single ply Titan Fury that I put on all by myself like a t-shirt! It takes me maybe 10 seconds to put it on. It probably adds 30-40 pounds....maybe 50 max! It's SUPER loose to say the least. Every single time I put it on, guys would ask me "Why bother"!! My right shoulder is a train wreck, so I always put it on when I get into the 400s.


so...you were busting my balls for wearing elbow sleeves and then questioned whether i was wearing a bench shirt under my shirt when in fact you ACTUALLY were.... now that's funny.

here's my 520 from last night. BUT i was wearing those cheater elbow sleeves though.


ROFLMAO!!! Yes...it does seem a bit hypocritical doesnt it? I was talking specifically about the legs up bench. I wasn't wearing my Titan in that one, as evidenced by how slow it creeped off my chest. Good bench BTW. I've never tried the elbow sleeves. Do they make much of a difference?

And I plan on being in Ohio for just a few days in December, gonna try and bench with Mike Wolfe and his crew in Celina while I'm there. I'll try and squeeze into some kind of double-ply, or maybe some super shirt and see if I can give 600 a try. I'll post it in the records thread, as long as it doesn't look like total shit!! LOL!! Keep up the good work!



Elbow sleeves don't give anywhere close to the pop that a slingshot or titan ram might give and those two don't give anywhere close to the pop that a shirt does.


I am going to be the dick in this thread, but how much can you squat or deadlift BnchPress550?


^ I was wondering the same thing. Kinda seems like THAT guy that can bench more than he can squat/pull.


Hey not being a dick there, it's a legit question. I pull in the low to mid 500s right now, and the best I've ever done was 600 @ 240lbs. I used to squat in the 525 to 550 range for sets of 5, but I don't squat much at all anymore, because my lower back is complete mess! I didn't realize how bad it actually was until I retired from the Marine Corps.

As part of my retirement physical I had an MRI done on my lower back. I had 3 full pages of dictation on that alone.....which means my lower back is pretty jacked up. Pars defect, spinal stenosis, a few bulging disks, and blah, blah, blah. I still lift heavy, but don't push the deads like I used to, and I definitely don't push the squats. I've done all the cool and crazy
shit like probably most of the other guys on this forum have done over the years too. Deadlift 405 for 20, squat 405 for 15 and 315 for 25-30, all in an attempt to HHHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEEE!! lol!
I started lifting young like you guys! My best advice to you and anyone else who is really just getting started is to be patient, use good form, add weight to the bar when you can, and be sure and warm-up properly. You're knees and lower back will thank you...TRUST ME!! :slightly_smiling:

I'll be 42 early next year, so the years of lifting heavy have definitely started to catch up with me. Anymore I push goblet squats pretty heavy, and do alot of double KB front squats with the heaviest KBs I can find. It's still a kick ass leg workout, and tends to be a lot less stressful on my lower back.


Nice Lift!


Thanks BlueCollar!! I appreciate it!


Nice Press!!! I train with Mike on Sundays, so maybe see ya there. We have his charity meet on Dec 3rd in Celina.


when the elbow sleeves were new they probably gave me a few pounds but they are over 5 years old now and all of the tiny rubber bands in them have broken. i have to wear them over a sweatshirt to even be remotely tight. i wear them to keep pressure on my elbows and my bicep tendon. when i do touch and go they keep my arms from aching. i don't wear them on paused work.

i have a couple questions-

why did you put a shirt on over your bench shirt?? if you bench with a bench shirt that's fine but why hide it?? also, when you say you've benched 500 in competition was that also with a bench shirt or raw?? i really don't care but it's a pet peeve of mine when people don't clarify between raw and equipped. in my eyes it's assumed raw unless you say it's an equipped lift.