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Benching 350lbs for Paused Reps at 170lbs

This was last Friday, my medium day. I did 5 paused reps with 350. Then I did 6 more sets of 3-5 reps but touch and go.

I’ve always been a strong bencher. I could bench 320 when I was 15 and weighed 145lbs.

I’m hoping to be the best natural bench presser ever.

I’m also open to any critiques or anything that can make me better. Thanks.

My bench sucks :frowning:

what is your goal both BW and bar weight in order to become “the best natural bench presser ever” ?

Solid bench. I saw your video of 440 at 161. Crazy strong! FYI Phillip Brewer did a competition bench of 500lbs at 165 this year.

I was talking to one of the nurses at the hospital I work at about my latest bench press workout. She says “my cousin recently broke the world record in the bench press”. I thought “bullshit, everyone thinks their cousin or uncle is super strong but they don’t know what they are talking about”. I ask her her cousins name and she says Phillip Brewer. I look it up on Powerlifting Watch and sure enough he is the record holder. I then felt even worse about my own sucky bench press.

Mighty impressive.

Amazing stuff good luck with your goal :slight_smile: