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Benching 2x BW


My friends are all telling me it's going to be impossible for me to bench two times my body weight just because of my race and body weight (im asian, some friends huh?) but i really think they are just being ignorant. My body weight is 155 and i believe that it may be possible for me to reach 300+ in bench if i train and eat properly. I'm already at 215lb after 1 year of training, where i dropped from 200lb body weight to 155lb, mostly body fat. Tell me im right.


there are asians in the olympics snatching 2 times bodyweight.


How old are you?


Your friends don't know what they're talking about.


Yes, you can.
Especially at that lighter bodyweight.

Like you said though, you'll have to eat right and lift right.

It'll take quite a bit of work though.


You can do whatever you set your mind to do!Train hard,focus,attitude is all important.Nothing that comes easy in life is appreciated as much as what is worked hard for.You can bench 2x your BW,and I agree that the lighter weight classes have a better shot at it.Cycle your weight,pay attention to your diet,use your food supplements,and TRAIN HARD!Good Luck!Jimmy T


Unless you're around 5'5, I think you'll be shortchanging yourself by trying to stay at 155. Most people that are strong for their size got that way by gaining a lot of weight and then losing it slowly over time.


Get new friends


I'm 5' 9" and i am 18 years old. I somehow feel that i am too light for my height.


everyone knows asians can't bench 2x BW, there has to be studies somewhere.

Good, lord, what a ludicrous statement.


Get to 175 and you should be able to bench 350 easy after a few years.


ur feeling is correct.


Yes, you are capable of it.

Now train for it and prove those guys wrong.


Your friends are just stating that a lot of Asian folks have a harder time putting on muscle, thats all. But muscle is muscle and you will eventually get up there if you keep givin er' hell.


Arnold Schwarznegger- "If you can dream it you can achieve it"

Thats fuckin right..Listen to no-one.


Except Arnie, apparently.


For a 5'9 guy to bench 350 at 175 lbs would be hugely impressive.


I know a 5'5 140 pound asian guy who can bench press 280. Don't listen to your friends.


There's an Aussie natural bodybuilder of Vietnamese descent, he presses over 2x bodyweight raw with no drugs.


It will be hard for you to bench 310 at 155.It will be far easier to focus on getting bigger and stronger.