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Benching 135lbs, How Many Times?


At a bodyweight of 210lb I did 220lb for 25 reps


I think most agree with this. I warm up with more than 135lbs. It would be pointless to waste a workout dropping to that weight just to see how many reps I can do. I might as well stay home.


Do you work out at the columbia gym?


If this was directed towards me, yeah thats one of the gyms I work out at. Whats up bro.



I don’t know as much as probably any of you but as a sales manager I know how the mind works. I finished of with 135 burn out and today I did it 86 times. My dumbbell incline I set out at 140 and sometimes 150. I must be doing something right and my mind tells me that it’s working!


Epic bump


Hell of a thread bump. I have seen, not only in this topic, but in other posts, people saying that 20+ reps is cardio. I feel like this applies when you do 20 reps with a weight that is your 100RM. But reaching your actual 20 rep max? That is a fucking challenge. If we’re really talking a true 20RM, you start to think about quitting at 5 reps, and you’re almost sure you will by 10. By the time you hit 15, you’re running on pure mental fortitude until you clear that last rep.


Other than warming up I just feel like it’s a waste of time for me.


135 x 20 = Widowmaker set for someone with a TM of 210-220


I would love to try this myself. Def as a good AMRAP finisher, and even better to do AMRAP 135 with progressive overload to work up to AMRAP 225 for the NFL-Style Combine test.

Never tested my max for 135 but my max for 225 was 8. Prolly have more in me fresh. I was doing doubles with the slingshot at 315 right before.


What a line.

As a carpenter I know how neurosurgery works :slight_smile:


Totally agree.

I don’t know why people think 10-20 reps is light. I’d do sets of three any day over higher rep sets if we’re purely talking about pain and difficulty.

Doing a double might be intimidating because the weight is relatively heavy, but it’s over pretty quickly. Try that with a set of 10 on the squats with a weight such that you have to pause every rep for two seconds to breathe. You’re fighting your body telling you to gtfo.


Yeah I know I could have chosen my words differently. Whats funny is a neurosurgeon deals with a different aspect of the brain that what I’m speaking of. I guess you as a carpenter didn’t know that was the case. You can hate away and I’ll keep pumping my gains up.


I don’t hate you bruno. You just made a comment that was funny, no harm no foul, eh?

keep on pumping yourself silly man.


55 reps