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Benching 135lbs, How Many Times?


in order to get high reps out of 225 you have to lift it frequently - defrancos athlete do it to prepare for the combine. i never really work with that weight

what i usually do when i do bench press

i warm up with 225 - 5 reps

285 4 reps

315 3-4 reps

~350 2-3

and then I start working out whatever is on the agenda for bench press

even for warm-up i never go light - that shit does not help you

lift heavy all the time!!!!!


I disagree big time on that

some long distance runners are more mean that most of the marines


The 315 thread was because it was a 1 rep PR. I began laying off flat to save my shoulders but I went back to it this week. I wouldn't consider the 135 set part of my workout, I did the set just for fun (as was the intention of this thread!). I don't know why people act like it is somehow harmful or counterproductive...


Speaking of saving the shoulders, why is it that flat bench press seems to wreck the shoulders the most? I myself have been experiencing some pain in my right shoulder and have decided to lay off benching for a bit.


The guy is actually German! Not kidding either. I don't think you need a video of it though. If you really want to try it I think my description gave you enough info.

Anyway, I don't want to hijack the thread.


i would address that question to one of the coaches here, is probably your best bet, or go with the search machine, would not surprise me if CT already asnwered this one at least 100 times


i think it would be hilarious if you would post a short video of that. that guy has to be Lo....


ok, i was wrong in my ealier statement..
today, i did 185 two times after doing 3 sets of 155.. so, who knows, maybe i will have 225 up soon..

i just realized that i havent really been pushing myself hard enough.. felt like throwing up today..

ps- i used the power rack just in case i couldnt get it back up.. people rarely use it for anything, for those that have something against that. mostly women using machines in my gym


It does no good to say you can bench press 225 for X reps unless you also give your body weight. If you weight 250 pounds a 225 pound bench press is not very impressive, but if you weight 165 pounds a 225 bench press is pretty impressive! That's why thye have weight classes in power lifting!


I do a 225 lb cock press every time I take a leak. I weigh 210 lbs, so you should be impressed.


I guess its all relative when you think about it. I am not trying to disrespect anyone here but if your 1 rep max is like 225 and you bang out a bunch of 135 as a chest finisher to get a good pump then I guess thats one thing.

For me personally, that would not do shit. I will hit 135 for two sets just to losen up but to try and see how many reps I can get at that weight, it would be a complete waste of time.



Damnit!! When I was 165 my 1RM was 215... so close, so close!


Then my apologies RSU and to answer your original question, I have no idea on my 135 max for reps haven't done it or felt the need to up to this point. I agree it's not counter productive just not seen as a bench mark for most.

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Till bored....... for me a pushup is abt 135lbs...


intrigued ... details please ... i must have missed this one at mulletsgalore.com


Dude, your benching over 350 pounds. I think you 'know what you doing is right'

I think you answered your own question.




Well, if its not productive, which I can't see how it could be, it would be considered counter productive unless you're still in a highschool PE class.

If a person can bench 300+ theres no reason for them to toss around 135lbs. The reason why people react negatively towards this lift is b/c its weak and out of place. Its like someone asking you how many times you can curl a 30lb dumbbell. You kinda want to shake your head in disgust and leave.

The "T" in T-Nation does stand for testosterone right?


I can get six for each arm, that's good right?


Well, I don't think it's "counterproductive" and in the same post I also told him I don't think it's needed and haven't done it.

Take it easy "T" Rex,



My post was geared towards the OP but you clearly don't understand my logic.

Eh, thanks for the clever nickname though.