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Benching 135lbs, How Many Times?


I read an article in mens health on the fullback from the ravens, his name escapes me. But the strength and conditioning coach stated that if you do every second week of 65% of your max, as many times as possible its said to increase muscle endurance and later increasing muscle strength. Im not sure if it works but i was willing to give it a shot.


haha...that was about 6 years ago..and weight training is not high on their agenda... but i could do push-ups for days.., and run forever. as much cardio as we did, it would be very hard to keep any mass on. i remember many big guys complaining about it..

i am 31 now, and only now am i starting to take "weight training" seriously..


My 1RM is around 320. (I think I can do more, but I haven't maxed in a while).

P.S. You can tell I'm at work by the extreme frequency of my posts.


225 is my goal right now. I'm pretty sure I could do it atleast once, it may be around my 1RM.

Before T-Nation my 1RM was always around 155. Now my 5RM is 185. So i THINK i can do 225 atleast once.

Thats one of my goals.


LMAO, yea me too. 7:00am to 3:30pm I'm on here constantly. My current max is 315, I am taking a deload week and figure a 225 rep test will be fun.


For the most part, yeah ... cardio and muscular endurance are emphasized. But you do see some pretty nice gyms on base, and lots of guys pumping iron, and that was in the early 80's. I would imgaine it has improved since then. Since most Marines are around 18-22, and just getting started with weight training, then yeah, you get alot of 175 lb guys that can do pullups and pushups until the cows come home.
But, in combat, that's exactly what you want.


I only have a month left at my current job (I just enlisted into the Coast Guard), so I am basically in screw-off mode.

I normally lift very heavy so a few months back, when I did the 225 test, my titties got sore as hell! I basically just did the test and then carried on with my normal bench routine afterwards. I haven't had a pump like that in a long time! You'll enjoy it when you do it.


I can struggle and get 19, that is a full range of motion, touch chest pause for 1sec, and come back up. None of this half rep shit you seen at the football shit a few months back.



135lbs? i can alomst complete a 5x5 w/ that weight. the fifth rep on the last two sets get really hard. i only weigh ~142lbs myself though. yes it's a bit embarrasing in front of the T-Nation crowd, but its much better than it used to be


????, I have read that for WSFSB, DeFranco recommends something you can do 30-40 times on the first work set for RE day.

I have done 135 for WSFSB RE day, I get somewhere in the 30-35 range for the first set, then usually close to 20 on the second, and 15 or so on the third...the last one kills.


Damn ya'll -- it was just a question, not a proposal for a training program!

The workout was as follows: 135x10, 185x10, 235x10,235x10,235x10,135x25...and like I said, that last set was done for shits -- not necessarily to produce some sort of earth shattering result...


225x15 is a best for me.


For those of you who think testing how many reps you can do at a weight is useless I would disagree. We used to have to do it for wrestling to test our muscle endurance. During a match you could easily have to do a pressing movement like that 20-30 times so it was worthwhile for us.

Now since I do crew I'll load up the leg press and see how many reps I can knock out. Last time I did this I had 450 for 20 reps then rested 30sec and got out 10 more. I was going for 30... so close.


RSU, you are repping 315 for two or three right? Finish your workout up with 225 for reps. I hit flat bench today and it was the last exercise after a few other compound movements. I hit 225 for fifteen on my first and ten on my second set. This was after slow temp DB incline bench 80 for three sets of eight. Don't mess around with 135 other then for a eight to ten rep warm up.



A better measure is how many times you can bench press your body weight. Back in the 60's they used to have contests to see how many reps you could do with your bodyweight, I think Bob Hoffman sponsored them.


135 isnt anything to be proud of lifting a certain number of times. post after you have tried the combine lift of 225 and then more people will be able to compare.


If a person weighs 200 pounds wouldn't this be simlar to doing how many press ups??


I used to be able to get 225 for 12 back when my max was around 305.

Now I can barely get 225 for 8 and my max is 50lbs heavier. Go figure.


That is odd. My problem was the opposite. I could hit a lower weight such as 225 for x amount of reps which would put me at a certain one rep max according to rep charts and wouldn't be able to hit the estimated one rep max. I know they aren't dead set accurate, but I wasn't even close. I have been closing that gap and probably meet it now due to form corrections and working on weaknesses.



While we're on WS4SB's RE day, what's the normal range to be working on? I doubt it should be something like 30/20/10, but probably not 10/5/3, either. I raise the weight whenever I reach something like 25/15/10.


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