Benching 135lbs, How Many Times?

And yet, you came here for advice. Interesting. At least here you were finally able to learn what a leg press machine was, so we’re apparently more useful than where ever you were before.

What? No. Not correct. I don’t see where I said that I should be answering all questions. I said it’s dumb to resurrect long-dead threads and to quote/reply members who are no longer active. That’s universal forum etiquette and basic common sense.

So they use the same ROM, unless you take specific steps to increase the ROM. Pretty sure nobody was confused by that.

My initial statement is still accurate. A close-grip push-up has a different ROM and recruits different muscles than a bench press. (Close-grip bench press wasn’t being discussed).

And to quickly callback to this:

You’ve said in several other threads that you started training just last April and spent your first four months doing bodyweight exercises. Also, to be even clear"er", your 145 to 300 was benching on a Smith machine.