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Benching 135lbs, How Many Times?


I finished my bench session today with 25 reps of 135 lbs.

I don't think this is anything worth bragging about -- I did it just for shits -- but as I filled out my log, I wondered how many reps others can do. I'm guessing if I was fresher I could've gotten 35, maybe more.

So here's the "poll":

What is the most number of reps you've ever done on the flat bench press with 135lbs (in one set, of course)?


I wouldn't. I'd just laugh at the guy doing 50 reps with it thinking his pump is perminant.


I have to agree. I would consider that a ridiculous waste of time unless you are just really weak and you just worked up to that weight for the first time. There is this older guy at my gym who does that much on the bar and just pumps out reps randomly. That is his whole routine. He has done that for the last 2 years I have trained there and he is also the most out of shape person in that gym. The strangest thing is he is there EVERYDAY doing the same damn thing...and then talking to anyone who will listen for the rest of the time he's there.


I once did a set of 20 but stopped cause it started to feel like cardio.


I once did 25, but then realized that WSFSB called for a heavier weight for RE day. Too bad I did this like 6 or so times before I realized it.

Never to late to stop being a moron i guess...


I almost did one the other day. I reckon that I will be able to nail a full rep in about 3 weeks.


nice! i think every gym has one of these guys. i saw "this guy" from my gym at subway today, he kept telling me how healthy black olives are for you, and that olive oil is the healthiest oil in the world. man was he fat too.


i did 20 awhile ago when i was bored, not much point in doing it though



My gym has an old guy that comes in every morning at the same time and performs the same routine he has done for the last 5 years. He wears the same clothes (those multi colour, baggy pants every bodybuilder wore in Muscle and Fitness magazines during the 80's) as well as having this weird shakespearean mullet going on. He also spends about 30min on each machine with about 2 minutes workout time and 28 minutes hitting on the 'pilates mums'.

He has also patented an exercise that should be featured in the next 'exercises you've never tried #19' - The blowjob crunch. To perform said crunch, lie flat on the floor with legs wide apart in a 'disected frog' position and then proceed to crane head towards groin in a rapid, continuous motion.


Every now and again I test myself out with bodyweight on the bar,my best is 220 x 25 reps.


I normally warm up with 135, 1 set of 20, then 225, 2 sets of 10, and finish my flat bench workout with 3 sets of 295, 8-10 reps. After this I break it all the way down to 135, and do as many reps as possible until failure, normally 25-30. Is there anything wrong with this?

After flat bench, I will do 3 sets of 75 pound inclined dumbell presses.

I finish my chest work out with dumbell flyes on an incline bench, 3 sets 0f 12.

Is there any advantage and or disadvantage to doing a burn out with 135 on the flat bench prior to my other chest exercises?

I do notice when I do the 135 burnout, It takes a lot more effort to do my other chest exercises.

Any comments and or changes you think might be necessary?

I have increased my 1RM dramatically since working this way, from 315, to 355 in about 6 months.


Same here. 25 times, WS4SB, but I only did this like 4 times:)


I never really thought about it before, but I think the most I ever did with 135lbs was 10 reps.


I think the appropriate question for the guys on this website would be how many times can you bench 225? (A pathetic 18 for me).


uh...i dont know if i could get it up one time..

my bench has never been that strong.. it is something i am working on, though. honestly, 135 is around my workout weight. only about 6 reps.. i have gone up a bit, but nothing big..

havent done a 1rm in a while... i work out by myself, and dont want to look like an ass with the bar sitting on my chest.. so, i really dont know what it is..
"i'm working on it"-(in my best "middle-aged man" voice from SNL)


I'm not trying to diss you, but you're a marine who can only bench 135lbs?


if 18 is pathetic, what is 10? i haven't done 135 for max reps since high school. maybe 15 reps and i probably thought i was jacked.


I don't think 18 is pathetic at all. Out of curiousity, what is your 1RM? I think I'll try the 225 test next week. It's been about a year since I did it, and I got 12 back then.


Don't worry dude, if you follow the advice about benching that is in the articles found on this site, you'll get there fast. I found that the trip to 300 as my 1RM was very fast, but it slows down a lot after that!


Not surprising. The Marine Corps only puts value in the 3-mile run, pull-ups and sit-ups when it comes to physical standards. There is absolutely no emphasis on strength training. Most Marines aren't that big or strong. That doesn't mean they aren't some of the meanest, nastiest sons of bitches around, though!