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Benches Weight Capacity


Hey, I am looking to purchase a weight bench, just a simple one, nothing too expensive. Now the problem is that most benches have weight ratings, and I dont know whether or not they will be able to support the weight I put on it as well as the weight I am. One of the benches I looked at had a weight limit of 110lbs ( weights only) and I was wondering what the point in that would be?

I weigh 290 lbs, and another bench I looked at had a user weight limit of 220 lbs and weight limit of 350 pounds which is a bit better (cheap at 100$) however I need something solid, yet basic. I dont need the leg curl shit, just a plain bench preferably with decline and incline, with a capacity to have a user weight limit about 300 or more and a weight limit minimum of 300 pounds.

By the way I am in Canada, so let me know if anyone knows a good place to go, I know it might be really tough but I am looking to spend under 120$ If you have any info I would appreciate it. I know that these weight limits are sometimes bullshit and are able to support more but I wanna be able to put and leave 300 pounds on the bar and not be scared it will rip apart. Thanks!!


Fitness depot has some decent stuff (www.fitnessdepot.ca) it looks like. They just have one simple flat bench, about $175. Don't know how sturdy it is, but it's 41 lbs which is a good sign. Good luck..


I usually do like a 16x6 squat program, then like a 8x5 deadlift thing, then I do like 5x200 push ups.

It usually takes me like an hour and a half, but add about a half an hour for the time I spend throwing up.


Go to a welder and have one made. it will probably be cheaper and stronger


I've done 280lb JM's + bands on an old York bench. The little ones that come with the 50lb plastic weight set. They are probably only rated for about 50lbs. My weider bench is only rated for 150lbs but I bench 300 for triples on it all the time. Those #'s are worst case scenario's divided by 4. They are to save the companies ass if anything ever did happen.