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Benches to Buy?


Hey guys new to the forum.

I have built my home dungeon in my basement. I currently have a body-solid multi-bench but it's not wide enough. Has anyone used the rouge flat utility bench or Elite fts econo dumbbell flat bench?

I need a quality bench and it is worth the investment to me.

Thanks again!


I haven't used either or those, but I would buy them. I found the best option to be craigslist. You can find commercial quality benches for under 300, and no shipping cost. Another good option is to find a local manufacturer or reseller and pick up a bench from them.


another possibility if you can't score something on craigslist is make friends with someone who knows how to fabricate stuff and get it built to your specs.


We just got a Rogue Flat Utility Bench in one of the garages I train at. It is wide, the pad is semi-hard but not uncomfortable, and I like it.

Its really no frills and the thing I like about it is there is no low cross support, it is just the top and legs. We put it up on blocks and do chest supported bench rows on it.

Looking at the Elite bench, they appear to be approximately the exact same.

Rogue is about an hour away from me, so I can go pick up what I want and avoid a huge shipping cost. Elite is less than an hour away, but they drop ship all their big stuff so you can't go pick it up. This was the motivating factor.


Thanks theuofh!

How sturdy is the rouge bench?


I have the EFS Pro model bench. It is built like a motherfucking tank. It weighs about 60 lbs. The pad is perfect. Just enough cushion, just enough grip, and perfect width (12"). It's worth the extra money.


How sturdy do you need it? I would say sturdy enough.


Good deal man.


Before I buy the Rouge bench, has anyone used the Flat bench from Texas Strength Systems? It's only $155 and shipping is only $50 bucks and you can choose the type of pad you want. They don't give the exact measurements of the bench but they say it's Built to meet competition specs of most federations. Let me know if anyone thinks this is a good bench or if anyone has had any experience with it.

Here is the link to it:



I have this one:
More bench than I'll need. Very sturdy.


Ya that bench is nice. I'm pretty set on getting Rouge unless anyone knows how good the quality of the Texas Strength Systems flat bench is?

Thanks again.


Ordered the Rogue Flat Utility Bench. Will be here on Monday.