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Benched 315 First Time.


I finally benched 3 plates. I started lifting 1 year ago after trying to starve myself into losing weight. Then I only stuck with the gym for 2 months before getting lazy and quitting, though I gained some strenght and lost some weight. After a few months of being a lazy bastard I decided to give the gym another shot. It has been 7 months so far.

Before joining the gym, when I quit, before joining again, current.

BW/BF%: 265 >40%(?), 240 32%, 240 37%, 276 30%
Bench: 185, 250, 225, 315!
Squat: 185, 315, 275, 425
Deadlift: 300, 405, ?, 450
Pullups: 0,0,0,1 :stuck_out_tongue:

When I joined 7 months ago my goal was to build muscle as opposed to lose weight, because my metabolism was just too slow to make losing fat feasible. I set a goal to bench 3 plates by my 19th birthday, and I have been killing myself to reach it since then. I turn 19 tommorow, so I just barely got it :slightly_smiling:

I also promised myself that when I hit 3 plates I would try losing weight again........... damn.

Oh yea before I forget I'd like to thank this site for most of my progress up to this point, without it I'd probably do legs even less often than I do them now.




Welcome to the world of grown-folk's weights- congrats! A 315 bench for a 200-300 lb man ain't nothing throw up in anybody's face- but it seems to seperate the strong men at most gyms from the rest of the guys.


Yeah, congrats! I just got 315 the other day also. You wanna have a race to 405?


so you were benching 265 on your first workout? Damn...

Good job on your gains!


i won


congrads. tht was my goal to finish off the summer benchin 3 plates, i accomplished tht about 3 weeks ago, im 17. keep it up


315 is the gold standard for the vast majority of folks.

You are in good comapny.

Great job.



that was his weight. He's got 185 as his bench for his first workout.


The quest for 4 plates is a whole different game.


Good job on the PR. Now keep getting stronger and hope you don't end up like me.

Benched 325 a couple of months ago and now I'm pretty much stuck there. Just keep eatin' right and bustin' ass in the gym and you should be okay.

Good liftin' to you sir.


Sure, I plan to focus on weight loss for the next 2-3 months, but I'll still be aiming to get stronger, so no excuse there. First one to 405 wins....hmmm how about we bet a tub of Surge on it?


I was thinking of trying sheiko, cause I like the way it looks... don't know how smart that would be on below maintenance calories though.


Trust me, if yo utry sheiko you won't try it on maintenance kcals. You won't be able to resist the urge to eat!


Congrats, Man!

With any luck I'll be hitting 315 real soon too.


yeah, me to I only have 90lbs to go!


30 more pounds to go =\


You're on! Of course videos will be required, and show that day's paper for proof of date?


Old timer here, but a little story about 315. I remember when I first did it like it was yesterday. It was in Tully gym at FSU, a hole in the ground stinky weightroom under the basketball gym. I had just turned 19. It was a max effort, barely making it, but it was a big thrill.

However, I learned the importance of the mind in bodybuilding one month later. I had kind of stalled at three plates, and one day I walked into Tully draggin my ass wondering when I was going to get my second rep at 315. As I sat down to bench, this blond-headed dude with an incredible physique asked me..."Mind if I join you?" As I looked up, I was shocked to see it was Dave Draper, the legend. I choked out a "yes, sir" and we started our sets.

 Four sets later, I did 5 reps with 315, with Draper's hand an inch under the bar for every rep. I was not about to let "The Blond Bomber" throw out his back helping a novice lifter.

 I never saw him again, but I always remember that story when I think I am "stuck" at a plateau.


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