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Benched 1,000 In A Special Competition


I just competed in a geared competiiton.
I used a titan kitana benchshirt, a scuba suit and air tank.

I got on the bench and then we filled the pool, after tat we loaded it with with 500 lbs on both sides. I pulled it off with some effort but I was able to do it.

So now my new max bench is 1000lbs.
For all the haters, when you lift underwater you really save your joints, its not about more numbers, its about safety and specialization.


Usually I'm right on board with nonsense, but this has left me straining at metaphors...

Cookies anyone?


I thought this thread was going to be about building a pneumatic bench shirt.

Initially, I was very excited by the prospect of a potentially dangerous device being built and ultimately tested, preferably on tape.




Yeah..this fails pretty hard.

If you're going to hate on equipped lifting, try to be original...or at least a little funny.


That's still an 873lb bench. in a wet bench shirt.

which coincidentally would get you an IPF world record.


Um guys, 1,000 lbs of iron underwater is going to be frikking heavy. It doesn't exactly float. I am not going to do the calcs, but it is close to 1,000 lbs

.... does the calc anyway and sees someone did it above although I think it is 872 lbs

Anywany, whatever the guy did, it is going to be in the Guiness world record!

and makes great TV


That's exactly what I was thinking. like inflating the scuba suit under the bench shirt or something equally awesome.

As for the resultant weight under water, depends on the size of the plates.


The plates if made of iron, their size depends on their weight. Unless full of bubbles?

Hey, was he using bumpers??? cheat!


Wouldn't it be harder underwater, I mean what with the water pressure and all?


There are lots of different grades of iron. Could have been using a thick bar too. Might have had floaties on his arms too...


Did you use water wings? I can imagine them assisting your bench quite a bit underwater.


500 pounds per side = 1045 (or more, depending on clips), not 1000. Why not just go for the world record at that point?


Can you wear floaties in geared federations? That's the real question.

I would not make fun of a man benching 600+ with orange floaties on. Not where he could hear me, anyway.


I think guys like Kroc or Tate would still look badass in floaties, regardless of color.


I think guys like Kroc or Tate would still look badass in floaties, regardless of color.


Ever notice how the people that bitch about geared lifting tend to not compete in ANY division...and tend to squat MAYBE 225?


And a speedo.


lol that was a dumb post.
i agree gear is pretty gay but it is what it is!


LOL I love it! 10/10