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I've gotten to the point where I feel comfy enough to share more of my Pur-etry with my T-fam here. So this one is called "Bench"

I scare away those
that go bump in the night
like a tunnel I constrictand kill off the light,
and woe be to travellers
above and below,
who happen upon
the gaze of my shadow,
no regard have I now
of material things
tempt me not with your diomonds
tempt me not with oyur rings,
leave me to lay here
alone I must be
call it a dungeon
but fuck it suits me,
through sweat I gain strength
through torture gain pride
come ye no closer
for I will skin thy hide,
my tools are my foes
towards me they doth fight
as I push away those,
that go bump in the night

"MB Eric: done...never"