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I just switched workouts. I had been doing some rehab on a shoulder with scar tissue in it from a skiing accident so any chest or overhead movements have been with dumbells for quite some time. Last week was my first time with a standard bar on a flat bench in a good while (years). I’m glad to say there is no pain in the shoulder so I must be good to go.

I was just wondering about my strength level in that lift. I did a warmup set of 135x10 my work sets were 155x7, 175x7, 195x5 for 4 more sets. I might have been able to squeak out a rep or two more if there was a spotter available. My body weight is 195 (up from 183 in Nov.) my latest “bulking” attempt went awry, all of the gains were around my waist. Anyway, what is everyone else’s 5 rep bench press weight as compared to body weight is? Make sure and mention any previous use of anabolic leverage so we get a full picture. Thanks

I was 155 lbs and a 5 rep max of about 180 now after bulking the last year i’m 195 lbs and a 5 rep max of about 220

290-295 X 5 Reps. BW of 184.

185x5 at a bodyweight of 135lb, prior to shoulder injuries.

at a weight of 148, max is 220x4. I’ve found dipping to be a big help. I do 3 sets with a 44 lb plate attached to belt for as many as I can do…usually 8/6/5. Good Luck!

225x5 @ 165 lbs