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hey guys, it is my second time posting on this board…the first time the computer ate my message so this is just the summary of that message:

I’m 18, 6’1, 185lbs, approx 14%bf. MY BENCH PRESS #'s ARE HIGHER THAN MY SQUATE!!! That is my problem. I have been lifting for several years…my dead is 315 for 5 reps, benchpress is 185 for 8 reps, and my squat is 185 for less reps.

I always squat with a bench under me…it feels better. If i don’t use a bench I get scared and start worrying about form, etc…but with this bench I can only do reps with 185. I always look up, knees go little past toes, what am I doing wrong!!! Please help me, i’ve read the squat articles, am I just not made to squat? what gives?

  1. you are using a bench. That’s a crutch.

  2. it sounds as if you have poor form. If you are getting scared of getting into bad habits, back off, then start with good form on a lower weight. You aren’t reaching full potential by using a bench underneath you.

  3. you might have too close of a stance. Try spreading it out a little bit, such as a few feet apart. Go down to parallel AT THE HIGHEST, and then come up with good form. Don’t look up at all. Drive your head back into the bar, chest up, shoulders blades squeezed and back tight.

You haven’t really told us anything by the way. These are just hypotheses. You mentioned nothing about form besides having a bench underneath you and knees going past toes. Give more details and better help will be along the way.

I assume you are talking about back squat?

How high is this bench you use? Does it allow you to go parallel?

Do you have any numbers for comparison like with your hamstring curls or leg presses?


The bench allows me to go to parallel.

I don’t do leg curls or use any of those machines usually.

When I (back) squat:
I can put on 135 w/out any bench under me. My knees are shoulder width apart. Toes slightly point towards outside of body. How far am I supposed to go down? I’m not too flexible.

The problem is that you’ve prioritized the bench over the squat.

Widen your stance, it’s too close. It shoulder be further than shoulder width.

Squat more, bench less.