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Bench vs. Dumbbell Press Max

What do you guys bench as opposed to the combined weight of your dumbbell press?

Good question , 400lb benchers cant use 200lb DB’S thou as a rule , when i did 405 for a triple i would use 120-135DB for reps on incline, i think there was an articel on here about this but, there are so many variables to it

When I just started working out, I benched for like three months. I stopped benching and started only dumbell benching. My bench for 10-12 reps was 120lbs then. I was benching 10-12 reps with a 45 in each hand.

I’m at 55s now for 8-10 reps, but I have no idea what my bench is.

So, at was 120 bench and 45s dumbell press

245lbs max
85lbs db for 12 reps

because 85 is as high as they go

I can do 100 pds for 10 reps or 110 for 5 and probably a 120 for a single… not sure though. Haven’t benched in years because of bad shoulders, so I have no idea what the would translate to…

Not sure on maxes, but today I did 4x295 lbs on barbell bench, and the most I have ever done on dumbbell bench (sometime last week) was 2 or 3 reps at 135 lb dbs. So I would estimate something a bit over 90% for myself.

I always equated 100 lb dumbbells to 225 and 110’s to 245. But I could be wrong.

Funny, i was reading it last night!

My Bench is about 105kg (231lbs)
Flat Db is about 47-50kg i think… 40kg for 6 so…

40kg x co-eff 1.21 = 48kg (105lbs)!

Co-efficient calcs are here…


I was looking for those articles, thanks.

I max benched for shits and giggles a couple of months ago (rarely do bench) and put up 270.

Monday I put up 5x5 with 110 dbs

I doubled check this against the numbers provided in http://www.T-Nation.com/...e.do?id=1876162 and they do not match up. Authors example, someone benching 300 should be using 95 dbs, except they say the formula is bench weight *80% then divided by 2. That would yield 120 lbs dbs. It appears the 95 lb dbs came from (300 * 80% * 80%)/2. So I am not sure of the proper formula.

My numbers suggest an 80% relationship between dbs and bb bench. However, if someone routinely does both exercises it would most likely differ somewhat.

I probably could hit 110s, but after 100s in my gym they go to 120 :(. MY BB bench is around 245/250.