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Bench up 15% in 4 Wks on Peri-WO Protocol


Coach, fellows

Yesterday was my last chest workout of my current training cycle. Next week deloading. Then new cycle.

I did c cluster set of 5 singles x 363 lbs.

6 workouts ago (4 weeks) I did 5 x 1 x 315 lbs.

This represents an increase of 15%, which is just sick after almost 2 decades of weigh lifting.

I credit this improve to Thib's peri-wo nutrition protocol (as well as my protein pulsing protocol).

I can't wait for I, Bodybuilder and the release of Anaconda. Sky's the limit...


I imagine I'll do I, Bodybuilder some day, but for now I am going to use his para-workout protocol with a billion cycles of 5/3/1. :stuck_out_tongue: Impressive strength gains, 15% is huge for only 4 weeks.


Let me tell you IT REALLY DOES WORK! And it isn't even with Anaconda yet. To give you an idea, Keven Nobert came here to Colorado last week and he was 10 days out from his contest (Canadian Nationals).

Since he was too heavy (not too fat, he was contest ready, just too much mass) to make weight at that point he basically stopped eating 7 days prior to the contest; not to lose fat but to get rid of any possibly rotten food stuck in his digestive track. So basically all he did was the protocol and pulsing with MAG-10 protein (again... coming soon). He was able to drop enough weight and should make his weight class without problem with dehydration.

The kicker is that he didn't lose any muscle fullness and actually gained some strength.

I like unsolicited stories like yours. You are starting to move some good weight, I see 405 coming up in the near future!


I'm very excited. I can't thank you enough giving away all this information for free.
Sure, heavy marketing of Biotest products comes along with the announcement and advertsing of the I, Bodybuilder program, and yes, Anaconda and MAG-10 will probably make me a level 5 customer...

BUT: Why shouldn't I believe Biotest, T-muscle, Tim, TC, or you?
I've been in a rut for quiet a while. Then I started the new peri-wo nutrition protocol like 6 weeks ago. My bodyweight is now up by 16 pounds. All my lifts are up a lot.
I haven't been as motivated in 15 years. My old personal bests suddenly seem to be very achievable again.
And this even without Anaconda / MAG-10.

I have no financial interest in Biotest, but I can't do diffrent than to promote and support you and Biotest as much as I can. That's just how I am. I'm loyal. It's a T-man's trait, you know.

I'll let you know when I hit 405... I feel this is very soon to be tha case.

I do not know my exact 1RMs. Since I did cluster sets over the last 4 weeks and an actual single would be a bit higher then the singles within the clusters.

Just to round it up, these are last weeks highlights:

Clusters of 5 x 1 with:

Bench -> 363
Squat -> 465
Deadlift -> 528

No belt, no sleeve, no wraps, no straps.

Thank you very much, coach! Thank you!


Any body comp changes over that period?


Paragon, Nice improvement!

Related to the body comp question, what have you been doing diet wise? Did you just add the peri-workout protocol (finibars, SWF & SR) and keep everything else the same (daily calories, macro ratios)? Were you carb cycling at all and working these in as the only extra carbs on workouts?


Hey paragon, what was your split like during that training cycle?


keep up the fine work! What do you use instead of anaconda? pepto pro plus l-leucine?


Yes. I started to use the protocol eraly June. I first just used the protocol and added 5 x 5g Leucine to my diet. After about a month a started to do protein pulsing (see post below).

My stats:

June 5th: 211 @ 10% bdf
July 9th: 219.3 @ 8% bdf
August 20th: 225 @ 8% bdf

Let me tell you that I've been in the iron game for almost 20 years. So these improvements are just crazy. You have to know that I was hospitalized last year for weeks because of a surgery. I was out of shape when I started to use the protocol. I was even heavier once - 242 lbs - but that was long ago (12 years...). So my gains can really be attributed to muscle memory.


Diet changes:

I started to use the protocl early June. First, I just reduced my carb intake aside from the protocol and added 5 x 5g leucine to my diet.

After 4 weeks or so I made some major changes in my diet and strated protein pulsing. First, I used 10g Leucine followed by 30g hydrolized Whey 15 minutes later. I now use 10g Leucine followed by 20g hydrolized casein. I will switch to Anaconda / MAG-10 as soon as available.

This is how my diet looks like:

Protein Pulse (10g Leu / 20g hCY)

30 min later:
8 egg whites, 2 yolks, 250-300g fruit, Biotest Superfood

Protein Pulse

Peri-Workout Nutrition / Workout
(2 FINiBARS, 2 SWF, 2SR, another FINiBAR, hCY, hCY 60 min after wo)

NOTE: I use 150% of the above during deloading weeks, since I want supercompensation to happen then (3 FB, 3 SWF, 3 SR...)

60 min later:
250g chicken breast, 200 green veggies, 3 Flameout, 100g whole wheat pasta

Protein Pulse (solid meal 15 min later)

250g beef, 200g green veggies, 3 Flameout, 5g olive oil, 400g sweet potatoes

Late Evening:
Metabolic Drive Bar, 2 scoops Metabolid Drive, 300g probiotic Yoghurt

This is a workout day. I work out 4-5 days a week.
The other days I do the following, which I believe is a big part of my success:

On mondays (non-wo day) I have a LOW PROTEIN, low calorie day. I only eat around 1000 calories on mondays and 60 grams of protein. This is very little for me!
I believe that my entire endocrine system really gets primed through that day and Tue and Wed are the most anabolic days of my week!

On Thursdays (non-wo day) I have a low-carb day. It's like a workout day. I just add 20g more fat (fish oil, olive oil) and drop the carb sources. This makes it also a day with pretty little calories. Again, I believe this improves anabolism of the other days of the week.

I allow myself 2 "free meals" a week. That usually means going out for dinner with my girlfriend on Saturdays and maybe having a piece of cake on Sunday afternoons at my parents place.

That's it.

If you want further information, feel free to ask/pm me any time.


I started with 10g Leucine followed by 30g hydrolized Whey.
I now use 10g Leucine followed (+15min) by 20g hydrolized Casein.

Will switch to Anaconda as soon as possible, of course :slight_smile:


I work out 4-5 times a week. 2 days on, 1 day off. Sometimes I need an extra day of rest after, e.g., a very hard leg workout.

I first did an accumulation type of training cycle on an 3way-split:
- chest / back
- shoulders / arms
- legs, core

After that I switched to an intensifcation type of training cycle on a 4way-split:
- chest / back
- legs / core
- arms
- shoulders / core

I do one cycle (week) of deloading after 6 increasingly hard workouts. That's the way I workout 85% of the time, I'd say.

I will switch to Thib's I, Bodybuilder routine as soon as possible. This will be a strengh based program. Very much looking forward to it!


...sorry for the slight hijack but I just saw pepto-pro being mentioned. Has anyone found a healthy way to make that stuff drinkable? I have unflavoured and it is EASILY the worst thing I've ever tasted... I've tried mixing it with recovery shakes, paletinose all sorts of stuff...


well, here in the UK we have flavouring systems offered by myprotein so that's what I use. But to be honest, sometimes I just cannot be bother and drink it straight as it is... 3 secs and it's gone mate, just pinch your nose and get it down ya!


Just down it... believe me, there are things tasing even worse...

When I was a teenager, I drank tuna shakes. Tuna, orange juice, cottage chees -> blender, down it...


...so basically I need to mix it with a large dose of manthefuckup then do I? :slight_smile:

I suppose you guys also stand underneath the shower nozzle and THEN switch it on - hardcore style...


I find the lemon-flavored Anapure to not be all that bad... the smell is actually the worst part.

Just pinch your nose and get it down! Like everyone else I'm looking forward to Biotest's tastier version.


That motivates me.


crystal light works.


Wow. It sounds like you are in a workout-nutrition-supplementation zone! Dialed in may be an understatement. Thanks for the detailed response!