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Bench Tempo


My bench used to be uglier then fucking osama bin ladens dick. I used to have a huge bounce on ym chest, i have concentrated on going down very slow doing a slight pause on my chest and exploding up. I recently realized that my bench got really slow or just feels very slow. Any suggestions?


Whenever the weight gets heavy it feels slower even if its not. If you have someone to train with just ask them, they will be used to your usual bench form and would notice if you were slowing down.


This actually made me laugh out loud! OBL's dick...good one

Well I'm glad you un-fucked yourself. You've done something a shit ton of dudes wouldn't do.. maybe try some benching with chains? That has helped me. Maybe try some reverse band benches..sort of the same as the chains only the bands fit in a gym bag easier than chains. Either way it'll teach you to push hard till lock out or the weight will come back down.