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Bench Supplementary Exercises?

I have a question regards to where to add a couple of bench supplementary exercises.

I’m thinking for my bench which is my weakest lift to have a heavy day and a rep day and using this idea i saw on youtube of all places here’s the link

which is basically for heavy day 80-85% of 1 rep max for 1x4 1x3 1x2 1x max reps all done with the same weight…if you get 5 or more reps on the last set you increase the weight on the next heavy day.
For the reps day you use 70-75% of your 1 rep max and do 3 or 4 sets of max reps for each set ie only stopping when you know you won’t complete the next rep, if you get 25 total reps for 3 sets you increase the weight and if you get 30 total reps for 4 sets you increase the weight.

I would still like to do some close grip benching and or some paused benching to supplement the bench but not sure how or where to program them in i was thinking of just adding them straight after bench but not sure which way round ie do i do close grip bench after benching on my heavy day and paused bench after my reps bench day or vise versa so what do you recommend ?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Practice form

whats your height and weight and your Bench?

Whilst i appreciate you taking the time to giving me your thoughts that wasn’t really the question as i have already stated what supplementary lifts i intend to use.

In the past i have used dumbell inclines and weighted dips using a ladder style it made no difference to my bench at all so although both are great exercises having used them before i would like to try something else.
I weigh between 64kg and 65kg and my max bench is probably around 76/78kg at the moment with my best ever being a poor 80kg.

My goal is a 1.5 bodyweight bench so i don’t see adding bodyweight to be a good answer even though that is the usual answer given.

I have used linear progression mainly and and have used the buckeye program in the past.

Add 2x8 after your heavy work. Don’t make it too difficult (60-75%)

Either add a rep or add a small weight increment each week.

If you’re progressing though, do you need the extra work?

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He already knows too much for you to be able to help him, apparently.

you failed to mention your height.

and I never mentioned gaining body weight. So obviously someone has told you that.

You understand a supplemental lift is for addressing a specific weakness with a lift correct?

Yeah what the fuck do I know about any type of pressing ?

DaCharming Albino i wasn’t rude and even said i appreciated Bulldogs input so why be so rude to me ?

Bulldog mentioned two exercises that i hadn’t asked about but rather than ignore the information i was actually willing to listen however i had already tried both inline work and dips without success.
What works for one person might not work for another so as i had already spent a few months on those exercises without success why would i want to repeat them when i already know from experience that i personally don’t get much carryover from those exercises perhaps you could explain ?

Bulldog i’m 5ft 3

Ok at 5’3 body weight is not a issue than.

To answer your earlier question which i missed yes i understand supplementary lifts are to help with weaknesses, as a raw lifter off the chest is usually where raw lifters are advised to work on hence me wanting to include paused benches or alternatively spotto presses, admittedly close grip bench work is more for my triceps as i have bad elbows and extensions lead to me having severe tennis elbow in the past.

In case i came across rude let me assure you that wasn’t my intention if i did then i apologise.

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No worries… I apologize if started coming across as a ass.

I didn’t think you that you came across as an ass at all DaCharming Albino however that’s a different story but perhaps my post was misread.

Bench has always been my strongest lift, and I can do 1.7x my bodyweight. This isn’t so impressive as some guys here, but isn’t bad.

I have used the following:

  • Bench press (obviously, but if you want to be good as something, do that thing as your main way to improve it)
  • Weighted dips and ring dips. These are great and challenging.
  • Push ups of all types, and lots of them. I know this goes against the “endurance vs strength” thought, but do 1 arm push ups, lever push ups, ring push ups, etc… and I can assure you that your bench press will go up. I’ve never met anyone that can do 10 1-arm push ups and not bench press 1.5x their bodyweight with ease.

Noted, but if your goal is to improve your BP strength, I can only tell you what has worked for me.

Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts, as you said the bench has always been your strongest lift therefore you haven’t struggled with the lift so whilst your advice is good it might not be appropriate for someone who struggles with their bench.

For example i was able to deadlift 2.5 x my bodyweight without to much work so asking me how to deadlift wouldn’t be a good idea as likewise i’ve never struggled with it, i hope that hasn’t come across as rude and if it did i apologise.
Going back to your post, in the past i have used a variety of push ups including some handstand push ups though i had to do them against a wall for balance i did keep my body vertical., however these didn’t really make much difference for me.

I found the narrow grip very useful in the past and did it after the main lift with the sam reps as main lift, I would suggest trying this both days, and then when you plateau, try the other exercise. good luck!

Thanks for your input it’s much appreciated.