Bench Sticking Point

Tonight I was doing some pin presses, and I worked up to 305. Which was kinda weird because my regular bench max is 315. The pins where about 4 in. above my chest; would this indicate a sticking point at the posistion that the pins where set at? What could fix this ? more bar speed? starting strength?

Also once I got the weight off the pins it was easy to complete the lift. Usually I do board presses, but since my gym is gay and “outlawed” board presses I use pin presses. Thanks in advance

I would do some front shoulder work like strip the rack or military presses, or just lower the pins/raise the bench to my sticking point and do pin presses from there. From experience the culprit is ussually weak shoulders.
More bar speed never hurts.

Speed benches and dumbell work have helped me the most off my chest. How often do you use dumbells? Do you have a speed day? How much upper back and lat work do you do? Gay commercial gyms suck. I quit going to mine, but still pay monthly:(

I would actually say that the 305 pin press is good considering your max is 315. Pressing off mid range pins is usually pretty tough because you have to really work to set the bar up in the right position and start the bar off the pins. If I had to take a guess at your weak point, I would say mid range. The best way I have found to target this area other than 3 or 4 board presses would be more tricep work.

Also, speed work with bands or chains and always more lat and upper back work. BTW, why were board presses “outlawed.”

Well here is the low down on our gym. I live on an Air Force base, and since the gym is on base it is run by the groups services squardron. And the supervisor of the gym (gym director in the civilan world) is a a TSgt. who watches TV and hads out towels all day, and is all of 6’2 180, his personal stance on board preses is that “those look dangerous” and I dont want to see anyone get hurt. Take into consideration that when he said this too me I was doing board press in the rack with 2 spotters. But they let the guys doing half squats, continue on with out a care. Box squats are another story for another day…I can only take so much:)

The last two ME days I did use flat db presses, as a third exercise after JM presses. Other than being able to heavy DB’s I dont think they do any thing. Whats your experances with them?
Thanks in advance

I work at he Hess Fitness Center(base gym) at Hill AFB, UT. That Tsgt is a fool. Go to the fitness director who is a civilian, show him/her what it is you want to do and how it is safe. Any problems please pm me here. I have many people doing full squats, band jumps, deadlifts, cleans, farmers carry, we have strongest men competition, so im sure we can get the board press back in your gym.

It’s really difficult to say with the pin press, because it’s such a difficult exercise to set up right. 305 for a pin press is fine for a 315 bench IMO. Remember, with the pin press you are getting no leg drive, it’s really difficult to get it in the right range of motion, and it’s really difficult to ensure you are exerting force in the right direction.

Reading this thread has opened my eyes up to some possible weaknesses of my own. My pin press is about 50 lbs heavier than my RAW bench. Any advice to overcome my sticking point? (its at rock bottom)

Hit the back/shoulders and dumbell presses to work the bottom.

Also, form is really important, expecially right at the bottom

I’m a big believer in Louie Simmons and he says never to push more than 8 inches or so for pin presses…jsut wondering why you come down so far?
Also, try floor presses for more power off the chest.

One more thing, why the hell would a gym care if you did board presses? what’s wrong with having two or three 2x4’s laying around? tell them to bite it or just carry some in your gym bag. Many people hate our way of training because they don’t understand it and we can ALL bench more than they can.

4" from your chest is to low, the lowest for a pin press should be half the distance from chest to lockout, do boards instead.