Bench/Squat/DL World Records

If search on web but haven’t found anything revelant …

Do you know what is the heaviest bench press, deadlifts and squat ever lift ?

Bench 1050 - I think that this was double ply
Squat 1250 - I know that this was double ply
DL 1003 - Was he wearing a DL suit for this?

What the hell did you search for? I just typed squat world record and it popped right up.

I believe the bench was done in a 3 ply super phenomn, not too sure about that tho.

The squat was multi ply (Leviathon and Briefs I believe from Big Vlad?)

The 1003 pull was done in a MaxDL, I THINK it was single ply. He’s pulled mid/low 9’s raw.

this page is pretty good compilation of the more notable records though its doens’t take into account differences in gear, drug testing etc. just the biggest numbers ever

Thanks for the info guys !

Scott Mendleson holds the raw bench record at 715, the raw squat record is in the 900’s and the raw deadlift record is 900+, Ed Coan deadlifted 903 without gear, I belive, and so did Doyle Kennedy.


Add Andy Bolton to the raw 900+ DL club.