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Bench, Squat, Deadlift Form Check

Hey everyone, can I please get some feedback on my form?

18 years old
135 pounds
12% body fat
5 feet 9 inches

Anything guys?

Bench looked pretty up and down. You could work on your bar path. It also looks like you are not getting much leg drive. Are you arching? Are you trying to get your shoulder blades pulled in? You look pretty flat on the bench which is why I ask.

Squats look pretty good. Just keep working on them, and get stronger.

Deadlift - If you can use 45 lb plates it will be better. You look pretty bent over at the start because you are using what looks like 35 lb plates. I think I would need to see a lift with full size plates to evaluate. You look like you are stiff leg deadlifting, but that may just be the small plates. Additionally, touch and go deadlifts are fine if you don’t struggle off of the floor, but if you plan on competing, pausing the weight on the floor can help.

Right now, work of form, bracing and lifting progressively heavier weight. Your lifts look safe for the weights you are lifting. I think your form is good enough right now to progress in weight.

Thanks a lot for responding.
The bar path should be more diagonal right? By arching you mean arching my back?
I am for sure arching my back, I’m just wearing a somewhat baggy shirt and have a small chest so there’s not much for me to show. And yes to the shoulder blades.

Next week I will be deadlifting a bit more, so I can post a video again with 45 plates.

Right now I think your form is good enough to keep progressing. For deadlift, unless you are trying to do a defecit, put blocks or mats under to get it to the standard height.

Great, I will do that

You dont need to go so deep on squats cut it about short by a inch or two. Also try angling your feet out slightly… your stiff legging your deadlifts

Bench - Bring that grip in! Flaring elbows way too wide. Squeeze glutes and tighten abs.

Squat - Just keep working at it and getting stronger. Get rid of the pad. Take a breath of air into your belly and brace. You don’t have to go as low as you are.

Deadlift - Stand tall at the end and squeeze the hell out of those glutes. Pretend your arms are cables attached to the bar and your legs and glutes/hips/hamstrings are doing all the work.

Thanks so much for your answers
I have tried to squat without the pad, but my upper body is not muscular enough to support it without the bar pressing my bones. I seem to have very broad bones but not enough muscle on it… Yet.
And for bench press you mean shortening the grip width?

Just did this before I saw the last two comments. How’s it look?

he means this,


Make sure your doing things to work the upper back and dont be afraid to eat.

Whats more important is the you have your scapula retracted and down

Right now im:
5 feet 9 inches
135 pounds
12% body fat

Im currently eating 2400 calories a day and have been raising it slowly as I havent been gaining.
I’m probably going to raise it to 2500 tomorrow.

What’s your goal at the moment?

My goal is to gain muscle but my lifts are weak so I understand I must also gain strength first.
Paul Carter says work on increasing weight in the 8-12 rep range.