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Bench Specialist

How do you set up your weekly routines? I’m looking to train just bench for competition after I get cleared from the doctor to be able to train again. Thinking of splitting things up like this

Mon- Heavy Bench(progressively heavier each week)

Wed- Speed Bench(different percentages)

Fri- Close-Grip Bench, Triceps

Everything is still in the works

Why no more squat or deadlift?

I don’t think that any bench-only guys post on here. A lot still train lower body just not so hard. I know one guy who does bench only, I think his best bench is 575 raw, he has a heavy day, assistance-focused day, and then separate days for legs and back, bodybuilding-type stuff.

Some other bench-only guys train 5-6 days a week and bench every day, others only bench once a week. It all depends on how much you do per session and how fast you recover.

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I got into a car accident about 2 months ago and I broke my back, fractured some ribs and fractured my shoulder. I am now paralyzed from the waist down. So that’s the reason for no more lower body work

This dude’s an adaptive strongman competitor, not a powerlifter, but you may find some great info in his log:

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Have you thought of switching Wed’s workout with Fri’s?That would give you more time to rest for the heavy day

For example:

Mon - Heavy bench and isolation work
Wed - Close grip bench work and some more pressing
Fri - Speed bench, nothing too taxing, and maybe lots of back work

Hey man, sucks to hear about your accident. I broke my back at T-12 - L-1 will be 14 years ago in August.

You saying waist down means your SCI is probably near the same area. If there is anything you want/need to ask about feel free to ask either in my log, or let me know and I can put up my email address in my profile and we can get in touch that way.

The good news is that your life is not over, though it may feel that way at first and the fact that you are looking forward right now is a good sign.

If all you care about is the bench press I think that what @stronkfak said would be the way to go. I glanced through your log from last year and it looks like you understand the need to row to counteract benching, if you are wheelchair bound, then I would recommend even more rowing to counteract pushing a chair around all the time. I made a special bench for myself to row, but many places have seal row benches that you can use that will let you row without having nay lower limb function and there are also the chest supported row machines that will work.

Learn to love metric tons of facepulls and band pull aparts. I don’t post them in my log but I do them in my warmup everyday and I pull the crap out of my concept 2 rower every week as well.

I can send you a spread sheet of one of my routines if you are interested.

If you need anyone to talk too about your injury or anything else feel free to ask me bud.

Depending on your level of function below your injury I would recommend you start taking a cranberry pill. (Link below) They have made a world of difference in my bladder health, you may not need anything related to this, but I wish someone had at least mentioned them 14 years ago and saved me literal years worth of complications.

And if you find bench only to boring, id be more than happy to help you out with the world of Crappled Strongman. :smile:


My injury is T10, and I also fractured alot of other vertebrates. I will check your log out!!

I know people who have gotten big gains in bench doing smolov Jr for bench. I don’t think you can train like that for more than one cycle as the injury rate becomes a real possibility. Work what you can on back as much as you can. That will help with longevity.

I think smolov, even smolov Jr would be a bad fit for someone who is currently wheelchair bound.

Shoulder health is imperative in that situation. I’m not a fan of the rapidly increasing weights over such a short time plus the frequency on an already overused body part. It never seemed to give my shoulders enough time to adapt. And my run at it ended with a screwed up rotator cuff.

With no leg drive the shoulder is put under a lot more strain to get the bar moving. If you are wheelchair bound or even on crutches, the risk isn’t worth it, an able bodied person hurts their shoulder, driving and putting on a shirt sucks.

Someone who relies on their upper body to do anything hurts their shoulder, they get to be bedridden for 6+ weeks.

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Good points. I haven’t actually run, just know others who have, so I don’t have the insights like you

No worries bud.

I just want to make sure the OP and anyone else in a similar situation knows about the need to take care of their shoulders.

Every mistake/ injury costs a little more after a SCI, If I can help people avoid them then all the better.

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Yeah rehab taught me that shoulder health is a must when in a wheelchair. Also I fractured my right scapular in the wreck. Maybe something like this?

Mon- push(chest, delts, triceps) heavy
Tue- pull(Back, Biceps, forearms/grip) heavy
Thu-Push light
Fri-Pull light

That looks pretty good. You might spread your heavy days apart something like:

Mon - Push Heavy
Tuesday - Pull Light
Thursday - Push Light
Friday - Pull Heavy

That way you could put a ton of effort into both of your heavy days.

I’ve run a push/pull split for a long time, usually something like the following:

Sunday - OHP - 5/3/1
Monday - Heavy Horizontal Pulling, with some light vertical pulling
Tuesday - Steady State Cardio
Wednesday- BP - 5/3/1
Thursday - Heavy Vertical pulling, with light horizontal
Saturday - Hard conditioning (though this day was skipped an awful lot, or toned down)

I’d burn out every 9 - 12 weeks (3-4 cycles), take a week or so off and then run it again.

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