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Bench Shirts


Hey guys, I just got my first bench shirt and was looking for a few pointers on making sure it is the right fit. It is a metal viking IPF presser size 52. I didnt have alot of time to work with it last night (i got it yesterday) and I just wanted to see what it felt like to try and bench with it. So I threw it on and and got some four boards in just to try to gte a feel for it. Here are some things I found/have questions on.

1.It seems like the chest panel was way to high, if was over the lower part of my upper chest.

  1. the arms pits seems extreemly tight (i know the shirt needs to be tight) but when i lowered the par even to the 4 board the was alot of pinching in the armpit area.

  2. What kind of workout do you guys use to access if a shirt is the right size, and to break it in. Do you work down boards then try to hit some singles/triples of of your chest?

  3. Any tips that you have for touching in a new shirt?

  4. Has anyone had experience with Metal shirts?

I have been reading alot of stuff this morning and got the article from liftinglarge.com on how to correctly put on a bench shirt. I think it wasnt low enough, especially the front so i will try to get it put on proporly this hopefully will fix my problems. any suggestions are welcomed.


The lower the collar, the more weight it will take to touch.

Sounds like it fits. Just be patient and work at it. Keep adding weight to the bar, tuck HARD, and bring the bar down with some speed. If it gets to where you cannot lock out what it takes to touch, work your lockout.


Thanks for the reply I tried to get into it yesterday night again and I am not sure where the tightest part of the chest panel should be on my chest. I cannot get it past my upper chest and this seems like the shirt is still to high to me, but since i have no shirt experience and am not working with anyone who does I dont know if the shirt should sit there lower on your chest.


Excuse my ignorance but what exactly does a bench shirt do?


Ha just got off the phone with Jim Wendler over at Elite. He basically told me to man up and stop over complicating it. "just put it on and bench, I learned in a 2 ply double denim, peoplr learn fucking physics, dont let peoplr over complicate it for you." Thats was his advice to me


haha, good advice. Don't worry about how low the collar is. Just get it on and start benching. As you gain more time in the shirt everything will start to fall into place and you'll "get it".