Bench Shirts Rule!

so today at 5 am i went to lift with the owner of my gym. we benched and i hit my first max raw.Well, after that, i really wanted to see what i could do in a shirt. he let me borrow his, but hes a lil shorter and the shirt was a lil too small. i was extremely happy with the results of my lifts

first time in a shirt:
225x3 off 3 board
275X3 off 2 board
315x3 off 3 board
330x3 off 3 board
345xoff 3 board

i had more in me, but we just kept it at that. i never touched cuz like i sed, the shirt was just a tad too small, and i wasnt used to the groove. it was like the milestone in my powerlifting career. now i want to go buy a shirt now lol. if anyone has a shirt that will fit a 215 pound kid for cheap and its like a 42 or 44, e-mail me at

btw that shirt was a katana titan i think, i know that it was a titan, and it was red

They are fun. But they can give you some gnarly scars.

Inzer is where it’s at…