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Bench Shirt


I just recently purchased a Titan Fury bench shirt. I am looking for some advice on how to incorporate the bench shirt into my workouts. My first question is how often should I use the bench shirt? and for some extra info I train bench 3 days per week heavy-light-medium.

I also perform board presses after each bench workout to work on my lockout. So should I use the bench shirt on each heavy day, every week? Or should I use the bench shirt every other week? Also, if anyone has any tips for a newbie in this area I would love some extra help.



I like to train in the shirt once per week at the most. Sometimes every other week. In a Fury you shouldn't have any prolems touching. So I would do some board work to warm up and then get in the shirt.

Once your in the shirt, stay in the shirt. I've seen guys get in the shirt, do a set and then get out of the shirt. You need to get used to it. Often this means getting beat up by the shirt a little bit. Depending what you bench max is, I would do 4-6 shirted sets.

How far are you out from the meet?

If you are more advanced, check out the Metal Militia website.


I change it up, I just spent 2 weeks with a shirted 3 board press, I'm cycling for a few weeks without a shirt next.

I'll probably put it back on after that.

Technical proficiency is a must.

I know some guys that never put their gear on until two weeks til a meet.

Yeah, their raw strength is good, but raw strength doesn't matter on the platform.

Who uses their equipment better matters.

By the same token though, I don't think raw strength should be neglected, that's the way you end up with muscle imbalances that lead to tears, etc.

Take home thoughts: Know your shirt, pratice in it, but don't use it as a crutch.


Use it several times. I recommend 2 and 3 board work for reps. But also, take some full-range singles so that you will know how to touch in the shirt. The good news is that Titan's 1-ply shirts are easy to learn and, if fitted properly, will give you great carryover almost all the way to lockout. Here's the bad news- it will stretch big-time. What might have been a good tight fitting meet shirt when it came out the bag, will be fairly loose training shirt within three or four sessions.

Your options are: get it taken in again (probably the chest will need to be tightened, arms might be o.k.); or get a extra, meet-only shirt. I learned this lesson the hard way. Over the course of 4 training sessions, a new, perfectly fitted shirt went from giving me a 20lb PR to being a shirt loose enought to take off by myself that left me basically raw-pressing in the meet.


Thanx for all of your help guys. I used my bench shirt for my heavy bench workout today and it went great. I first warmed up raw and then put my shirt on. Once my shirt was on, I started at four boards and then down to three. At this point I again increased the weight and finished off with some singles off of two and single board presses. It felt great except for those lovely bite marks on my rear delts and triceps. I can't wait to show my girlfriend, I hope she screams.

So overall things went great. My raw max is 300 and with the shirt today I worked up to 365 from one board.

Once again thanx for all of your help.


I used a Titan F6 recently I did 336,360 in a meet. my Raw best to date 315.. I weigh like 231 had a size 48,my friend said to big and i noticed it on a 380 attempt-no pop.. so im doing a July 15 meet in Phoenix think of trying to get a Katana (my training partners dying for me to get.. or get a smaller f6... the gear helps but its a bitch....