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Bench Shirt

Just did my first work with my f-6. Got 20 pounds out of it (365 up to 385). I don’t know if this is good on day one or any other day for that mattter. This was my first time using a shirt so I was pleased with the little help. Hopefully over the next 6 weeks I can get a little more out of it.

On a separate note, is a deadlift suit worth the money? If I will only get like 10 pounds out of it I think it isn’t worth it. I deadlift heavy enough to be happy so if the suit doesn’t help a lot I don’t need one.

Do you bench more to your chest, elbows out to the side? or more to the upper ab, elbows tucked? this will make a big difference in which shirt to go with.

We have noticed that if you use a really strong tuck the Rage X seems to work better, but if you keep your elbows more out the Titans seem to be better.

The post about the flat back/arch was dead on too. if you are and are elbows out the F6 is a masterpiece. Arched or flat with a tuck? Learn to love the Rage X.

all of these shirts have the soft, closed back so they are easier to put on than the old school shirts that took 3 people 20 minutes.

also, I don’t think WABDL allows Metal shirts. Some goofy political deal, last i heard.

Good luck and have fun.

I have the F6 also got 365 to touch, my collegue thinks I have 405 in me for my first meet coming in 3 weeks…Hopefully you have a big bencher helping you out with the shirt…Some little tricks help -Schultzstrength

Hey brother, never had a bench shirt on huh? stopping power is how much resistance the shirt provides. I lift in a single ply poly, but few years back bought a double denim and the shirt was tight, my few times using the shirt, the 400 lbs couldnt touch my chest. The experienced lifters all told me to pull the bar into my chest(YES I actually had to pull the bar to touch my chest-how weird is that) Well I could never get the bar to my chest but could lockout 100 lbs over my max, I stopped using that shirt , changed my outlook on gear and now lift with the least supportive gear -USAPL.
Salty- the “POP” people talk about is the stretched resistance in the shirt actually pops the weight off the chest.
Hope this helps.

[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:
flabtoslab wrote:
Are you training with lifters that have experience with shirts? If so, go with the double denim.

Get an open back with the neck cut. If lifting with experienced lifters, the learning curve with denim is pretty easy to overcome. Denim provides great stopping power with a good “pop” out of the hole.

Ive always heard people talk about denim’s “stopping power.” What exactly does this mean? I mean it seems the weight is gonna stop when it hits your chest…[/quote]