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Bench Shirt


What would I be better served getting? Inzer double-ply phenom, single-ply rage X, titan single-ply fury, or inzer standard double-ply denim? These are my options, which do you recommend?


Double vs. single ply is mostly an issue of what federation you're going to compete in.

If you're not competing it's kinda just a personal choice.

A single ply would provide all the shoulder protection you'd need, I would think.


I am competing and those are my options in the Fed I am competing in. I was curious which shirt of those I would see the most out of (I am aware it varies person to person buy I just want a generalization based on those shirts). I am competing in a WABDL comp June 17th.


no help?


What kind of shirt experience do you have?


Are you training with lifters that have experience with shirts? If so, go with the double denim.

Get an open back with the neck cut. If lifting with experienced lifters, the learning curve with denim is pretty easy to overcome. Denim provides great stopping power with a good "pop" out of the hole.


Single ply, go with a Titan F6
Double ply, RageX all the way.


Ive always heard people talk about denim's "stopping power." What exactly does this mean? I mean it seems the weight is gonna stop when it hits your chest...


How about what fed do u lift in?

What is your shirt experience and what is your raw 1 rep max, or ur two board?



I wrote that I lifted in WABDL (or will be). The shirts I listed are the ones they specifically allow (so no double ply rage X). I have no shirt experience at all, so thats why I wanted to get some advice. I don't lift with experienced lifters, so I will kind of be learning this on my own. My raw one rep max is 365. I can't really try out all of these shirts so I need a best guess on which would get the most carryover while being the simplest to learn. Just seeking the advice of people who know about this field.


I usually hear stopping power with respect to bullets...

Mabey he competes in South Central LA?


I have used RageX, Titan F6, Karins, and Inzer denims.
Since they allow double denims, go with a Karins.


Is the Karin's double ply denim relatively easy to get accustomed to? How long should I give myself before the meet to get acquainted with my shirt?


Stopping power in denim or any other shirt/suit material refers to it's ability to halt the movement of the lifter while storing energy.

With squat suits, it's the point where the suit will not allow you to descend further (hopefully right at parallel). For the shirt, it's the point where the bar can't be lowered anymore (and rowed to the chest if necessary).

Karin's shirts are great, in that she makes each one for the lifter's supplied measurements. If you have time to wait, she make's the best denim shirts out there. If time is pressed, inzer usually has stock on hand.

Assuming you have several weeks to try the shirt, use it on every max day. Work with boards and work down. Finding the groove is key to any shirt and 90% of the practice is to find this groove.

Oh, and I believe Frantz makes a shirt reinforced with kevlar, for all those South Central lifters.


If your a bodybuilder you can get away with having a training partner, but in PL you need a training team.

Its gonna be damn hard getting that shirt on by yourself.

U need to find a crew to train with. Elitefts.com might be able to help.


I've used Inzer polys and denim and Karin's double denim. Go with Karin. It's very durable and will fit you perfectly if you measure correctly. I always had problems with Inzer's shirts never fitting me right the frist time. Call up Karin and tell her you need the shirt quickly and she will get it to you in 2 weeks or less. I got mine in 3 days!!!!! Oh, the most important thing is to lift around lifters who know the groov of a denim. You need to bring the bar low on your belly. I'd say 4 workouts in a denim before the meet should be fine.


Karin's is a great shirt, but I personally like the Titan. Denims force you into the groove of the shirt and the Titan lets you make your own groove. The Rage's are good too. I use a double denim and a Titan and get more out of the Titan. You just have to make sure the Titan is tight as hell to work well. The big double ply shirts like Metal, Inzer, etc will stop you dead when the in the bar path. The Titans and Rages will let you touch much more comfortable. They do pinch you more than a denim though. I will have to say you will need a lifetime in the shirts to get good at them. Powerlifting is an art form as well as a sport. Use your shirt first before you start your max effort bench work to get used to the style. Then do you raw bench training afterwards. I would say use the shirt every week the last 8 weeks up to the meet w/ a week off before the actual meet day. Good luck.


So based on the info I have been given, I will choose one of the following: INzer single-ply rage X, Titan single ply fury, or titan single ply f-6. Based on my level of training and inexperience I don't feel the double ply denim would suit me well. I will also look for a group of powerlifters to train with once the shirt comes in. Now of those 3, which to choose? No one commented on the titan double ply phenom so I assume it is an unwise purchase?


Well, if you are skipping over Karins...the best single-ply out of those is the Titan F6. I've tried both the Fury and F6. Unless you lift totally flat-backed, go with the F6.

Personally, I think the Phenom sucks. there have been very few top lifters successfully use it. If it weren't for Gene swearing by it, they'd probably discontinue it, like the did with the Annihilator.


Thanks for the help, I will go with the F-6. Now I just have to find other experienced powerlifters to help me learn the groove.