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Bench Shirt


Just curious about how much weight you all get out of your shirts. Just to make this interesting could you post what kind and design of shirt and the poundage you get out of it.


I get an extra 105 lbs. with mine.

Inzer Double Denim, Stanadard Cut, open back.


The best I ever got out of my Inzer EHPHD was 295. I have a new Titan Fury that I hope to get mid to high 3's.


I think he's asking the difference between your raw bench and your shirted bench, not how much you lift total. Unless you do actually get 295 out of your shirt, which at your weight would be absolutely absurd.


matt are you saying you got 295 out of your shirt or your shirted lift was 295 just wanted to clear that up and it you do get 296 out of your shirt whats your competition bench???


Actually, its not. Anyway, I get about 200-210 lbs out of my KK DD and I'm still learning it.


In my 48 Fury I get about 50 lbs. In my 46 Fury I get about 70. I have only been using my 46 Fury for a couple workouts and am still dialing it in. I plan to get a lot more with it.



I use an Inzer Radical Cut Ultimate Denim right now. My best comp bench in another brand denim was 859. I hit 900+ a week or 2 ago in the Inzer. I figure I get a little over 300 pounds extra from the shirt.

Of course, I weigh about 385 too.


Just curious, how much do you think body weight relates to shirt performance?


i get a little over 200 out of mine..but if my lock out isnt in good shape i may only get 100...its depending on training ect..rb


What's the world record for raw bench press?

Is there any movement back toward benching raw? The records seem kind of meaningless otherwise.


I don't think it matters much. I know smaller guys, like in the 165 and 198 class getting 150 to 200 from shirts. Of course, there has to be some sort of lessened effect just simply due to size of the person. I think its probably some sort of a ratio. If a 150 pound guy raw benching 300 got a 300 pound boost, that would be crazy!!


Raw record is 713 by Scot Mendelson.

The only people in powerlifting who care about raw benching are the internet keyboard jockeys. In the real world, shirts rule, and all the lifters use them. Its part of the sport.


Good to hear you got that 900 Shawn! That inzer shirt is really awesome, I got 150 out of it the first time i put it on, not even intending to do a whole workout! But anyways some people may read these posts and say, oh if i just get a shirt and learn the groove I can get 200-300 lbs. out of it. The thing is just about the only people who are getting 300+ out of a shirt are world class athletes who are using a top of the line shirt with customizations to make it even stronger. No one will EVER get 295 carryover from an Inzer EHPHD shirt or mid 3's carryover from a Fury. It takes a crazy shirt, Impeccable form, and a hell of a lot of hard work on your lockout to get that kind of carryover.



the 900 doesn't count yet, it was just training. I have a meet on 2/19, I'll kill 900 there.

Also, very good description of shirt gains. From what I have witnessed, almost nobody can wear a shirt as tight as I can and control it. To get huge carryover, you need lots of work, perfect technique, and incredible strength.


Oh, bodyweight has nothing to do with what you get out of a shirt. But you can only be so strong at 5'7 210, and if you were getting 295 out of a shirt at that weight it would lead me to believe you were almost doubling your bench with a shirt, which would be absurd. (although not impossible).


That is my best meet lift. I don't care what my raw bench is, so whatever I bench in my shirt is how much I get out of it.

Sebastian Burns once said when asked what he got out of his shirt, about 800. That is what he was benching at the time.


Nicely said TTewell.

I've spent the last year learning and now get ~70 out of my single-ply Fury, and aim to get ~100 out of it by April. Slow learner I guess.

Good luck at your meet next week Shawn!


ok now to change this up a little bit personally i see bench shirts on powerlifters like i do shoulder pads in football not only are they there for safety but help you perform better i.e. hit harder/lift more well can someone explain how bench shirts help from a safety/performance standpoint


They do a couple of things to enhance safety.

  1. Shoulder support--The shirt supports the shoulder an rotator cuff to a great extent. I actually need shoulder surgery but I am still able to bench heavy with the shirt.

  2. Pec support--The shirt compresses the pectoral muscle and allows the muscle to work harder without risk of tearing.