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Bench Shirt - What Should I Choose?


Order has been placed, seller is tossing in a Red SlingShot as well to sweeten the deal. I have a yellow one, but adding another tool to the bag can’t hurt.

Thanks for your help man, and continued help, since I will now be flooding you with questions until the end of time.


That’s what I meant :slight_smile: And can be anything wrong with throwing in some bench shirt work as max effort work? I only see positive things to be honest.


You can use it as a method to overload triceps for sure.

Gear can be used as a tool in and of itself without competing in it.


Wow, this is awesome, I feel like I’m in a time warp talking about geared lifting again!

My .02 on shirts is that getting one sized right to fit you is more important than anything else. My personal feeling is that Titan and Inzer shirts are the best. My preference would be with the Katana, but the SDP is great as well. I’ve found that getting a Titan shirt sized right is easiest going through Anderson which is why I’ve always leaned that direction, but I also think that the Katana has the most pop off the chest through lockout than the other shirts. I also found that Metal shirts were the easiest to use but they also had the least carryover, at least for me.

It’s time to get geared lifting back into the spotlight…I’ve had enough of raw lifting, it’s time for a change again.


I haven’t worn many shirts.

Rage X, SDP, Titan Fury, and Metal Jack and by far with out a doubt the Metal Jack is my favorite


I’ll just add my first impressions:
I’m 5’9" 225lbs (can’t remember my chest/shoulder measurements off hand) and ordered the 52 Metal Jack.
This is my first time ever in a bench shirt and I’ve only used it once to date, but it seems to be a “beginner friendly” shirt. Required help from my coach to get it on, and help from 3 people to get it off (small arm holes, forearms get stuck - especially after pump/sweat). Ended up touching 385-405lbs to a 2-board, 455-475lbs to a 1-board and I was damn close to touching 500lbs with no boards, with a little assistance at the top.
For comparison, my raw bench is ~350-365lbs.
A fun toy to spark my interest in the bench press, since it is/was by far my least favourite of the big 3.


You’ve got big freaking arms. It’s a bit loose on you otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

Just imagine if you had a tight chest plate with snug arms.


Roughly same experince except mine was a 56. Im 5’6 230 and it was way too big. 2 sizes too big I believe. I just today bought a 52 so im hoping it is alot more snug and have alot more carry over at lockout. The 56 felt perfect in the chest but the arms were laughably to big to my embarrassment unfortunately. Worked up to I believe 520 which was 30lbs less than I hit in a inzer rage x 3 ply grid stitch shirt. So I was really happy with how natural it felt.


I have not decided yet. But Metal Jack convinces me more. Metal Jack will cost me about ~150$ less than SDP. And I think it will be a good start,. But it’s hard to give up SDP when all the biggest benchers use SDP.


If you’ve never gone shirted before I’d go with the metal jack for a bit and get a feel for it. SDP likely won’t do you wrong but it’s likely not the best idea for a first shirt. Again just my opinion but I am a huge metal fan so :stuck_out_tongue: