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Bench Shirt to Help Shoulder?

I'm a Pole Vaulter with a screwed up shoulder.  Do you guys think a bench shirt would reduce the stress?  In this image, see how her right shoulder is getting yanked back?  I'd like to add a little support to my shoulder in this position.

If you do think it would help, do they even make them to fit a skinny-ass, 6’1 170 pounder? If so, where would I get one?

I can’t get the image that shows the type of shoulder stress I’m talking about. Imagine you run up to a high bar, jump and catch it with one hand. Would a bench shirt support that type of stress on the shoulder?

Id say dont use a shirt as a cructh its a tool. If you have shoulder prob like you have and not looking to compete in PLing dont get the shirt work on the shoulder


[quote]Phill wrote:
Id say dont use a shirt as a cructh its a tool. If you have shoulder prob like you have and not looking to compete in PLing dont get the shirt work on the shoulder


But sometimes you need a crutch…

Bench shirts are designed for PL, they arn’t intended to be rehab tools, look into actual rehab techniques not $100 bench shirt

I agree, no shirt. The shirt will just hide the problem. My doctor made me do floor presses for all my bench work while I was going through shoulderf therapy last year. Floor presses relieve some of the stress off the shoulder. Pole vaulting is crazy. I’m scared of heights, so I have great respect for your sport. Look into getting directional tests on your rotator cuff. You may be having a failure in some small muscle group in the shoulder. My problem was the rear delt and scapula. I wasn’t training my rear shoulder and upper back as hard as my fronts. I started to have chronic bicpes tendonitis from the imbalance, making my bicpes tendon take more of a load than it is intended while benching. I had some muscle activation therapy done for a few months along w/ more upper back and rear shoulder work in the gym. I’m good now. I should tell you I’m a full meet powerlifter which means Squat, Bench, and Deadlift for competition. So I must take good care of my shoulders. The bench shirt will not help you recover. It will only weaken the problem. I hate bench shirts, but I have to use them against my competition.

holy shit another pole vaulter!

Don’t get the bench shirt, it won’t fix your problem. Go for PT instead.

Guys, I just want to know if a bench shirt would add support for that type of stress. Are there any powerlifters here who have an idea if it would or not?

I do appreciate your good intensions but the best shoulder work or PT in the world won’t help. For my shoulder to get better I need surgery and 9 mnths recovery,

My injury is not vault specific, I blew it out messing around on the trampoline. The movements that cause pain are not key movements in the vault But I’d feel more comfortable trying to vault with extra support.

People with screwed up knees will use a brace for extra support. I don’t know of any type of shoulder brace so I’m wondering about the bench shirt. I will take care of my shoulders the best I can in addition to any type of support device I come up with.

I’m slightly confused…are you talking about wearing the bench shirt WHILE pole vaulting? If so, I’m quite sure it would drastically change your technique if not mess it up completely. I’d look into perhaps finding a way to alter your technique without the shirt.

If you are talking about bench pressing in training, you have a number of options. As was stated before, floor presses are one. Others would be movements that restrict the range of motion or deload at the bottom, such as board benches and pin presses in addition to the use of accommodating resistance tools such as reverse band bench pressing and benching with chains.

Or you could stay away from barbell benching altogether and see how things improve.


No, get the surgery!!!

Gotta second the surgery call. I tore my shoulder up, dislocated at 15 times in a year, tried everything to fix it and nothing worked til I got an op. 8 months on I was back to full power. 2 years on and I’m stronger than ever.

Have you tried finding a physio to teach you how to tape up your shoulder to give it extra support?

Get the surgery, do the rehab.

The bench shirt s not like a knee brace for someone who has a knee problem. bench shirts are designed to give more pop off the chest, its up to the lifter to lock it out, there is still a great amount of stress on the lifter. Its an egrogenic aid for a specific purpose, it would be like wearing track spikes for walking shoes. probably do more harm than good, jsut mask the problem and maybe/probably make it worse. You need ot address the problem head on, not try to work around it.

I say get a jacked bench shirt and go out and see what happens when you vault, and while doing that, make sure to video tape it!

On a side note, I’ve come across some guys that had some very strange shoulder problems that used a shirt all the time for there bench training. The shirt was loose and not jacked at all, and was meerly worn for support.

You won’t be able to vault with a bench shirt on. Look into rehabing the problem. If you need support during the vault you should build the muscles to provide that support.

Thanks, fellas.