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Bench Shirt Sizing

Hello all, I’m relatively new to geared powerlifting and had a few questions regarding the appropriate fit of a bench shirt. I went ahead and ordered a size 54 metal jack pro bench shirt but i think its too big, I’m able to slide the sleeves up my arms in less than a minute. According to the metal sizing chart, they recommend to select your size so that the arms are tight. I must have a weird build or something as my shoulders measure 54 inches around, my chest 44, my mid bicep 13 and my lower bicep 12 inches (#longarmproblems) I’m 6’1 and 200lbs with 16 inch flexed biceps.

I can bench around 315 raw and was able to touch that in my shirt. My question is obviously the sleeves are too loose, should I exchange the shirt for a smaller size? If I went strictly off the sizing chart that would put me in a size 46 or 48, would that fit my shoulders and chest? would that make touching weights impossible? Now before you go off and tear me a new one for having such skinny arms (when relaxed) my arms measure nearly 32 inches from shoulder to finger tip, a desirable trait in nfl offensive lineman but a curse for benching any kind of weight.

Would I be best suited to exchange the shirt for a size 52 or a 50? Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have a Metal Jack shirt and I have a 52… my measurements are 46 chest, 54 shoulders, 14" biceps2 and 16 cold flexed. My arms are also 31" long. You don’t have long arms, you have a short chest :slight_smile: - sarcasm dude…in case your radar is down.

The Jack shirt has a generous chest plate and tight arms. Get the shirt to fit your chest and stretch the arms with a football to dial in the fit. I’d probably drop down to a 50 If I were you and since you said you were new to the gear. Since the Metal stuff won’t stretch much from use, you’ll be able to wear that 50 as you grow.

Hope this helps man. Jo Jordan at EFS will help you out too. Hit him up on Face book or EFs dot com. or just call the guys at efs…

Thanks for the reply, did you also have to trim the sleeves of your shirt?

[quote]blindside56 wrote:
Thanks for the reply, did you also have to trim the sleeves of your shirt?[/quote]

No, I have left the shirt alone with the exception of stretching the sleeves a bit.