Bench Shirt Meet Prep

There typically isn’t a lot of info out there on meet prep for the bench shirt. While my training doesn’t differ too much for meet prep vs normal training, there are some differences.

FWIW here is my typical meet prep lasting 12 training weeks:

Week 1 2 board opener

Week 2 Touch 60%ish of meet goal x 5 slingshot of some sort (Widowmaker for me).

Week 3 2 board 2nd attempt

Week 4 Touch 70%ish of meet goal x 3 slinshot of some sort

Week 5-8 same thing except use a 1 board

Week 9-12 Same thing except touch opener and 2nd attempt.

Opener somewhere close to 90% of meet goal and 2nd attempt close to 95% of meet goal.

This is only a template and subject to change. You can hit you meet goal on 2 board or 1 board days if you feel good or wanna know how that weight feels.

If you do a 2nd lighter bench day I would suggest something to work on lockout strength. Add bands for speed work. Floor press. 2 board for high reps, etc…

The only difference for me when not in meet prep is dropping back the percentages for the 2 board and 1 board numbers just trying to get faster with heavier weight (think CAT style training with singles).

If you hit your meet goal, figure out your next goal and adjust your numbers accordingly.

This is just how I do it. Take it FWIW. Hopefully it’ll help if you don’t have anything else.

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