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Bench Shirt for Hypertrophy?

Would a bench shirt be beneficial for hypertrophy purposes?

What is a bench shirt? I’m having a hard time believing how a shirt can help in any way.

[quote]sed26 wrote:
What is a bench shirt? I’m having a hard time believing how a shirt can help in any way.[/quote]

Hmmm…somebody hasn’t been reading enough. Just google bench shirt.

I’ve never heard of people wearing bench shirts for hypertrophy, or for anything other than maxing out or PLing. So probably not.

From a powerlifting point of view, the lower portion of the lift is easier while the lockout is harder due to less support.

You can hit your triceps harder since you will be handling heavier weights, not so much for your chest / lats (in general)

This depends on the type of shirt etc. I doubt you are going to get denim or a hardcore double ply shirt, probably something like an inzer blast.

Honestly, its not worth the time to learn the groove of a shirt. Its not going to help your goals of hypertrophy. Just get stronger so you can handle heavier weights.

sed26, look up “inzer” “titan” “METAL” in conjunction with bench shirts. You’ll find your answer. I’ll start you off…

Happy hunting!

No. If you want big arms, you should be doing drop sets for your direct arm work. If you want big pecs, you should be doing pullovers and flys. A bench shirt will just make your bench bigger if you learn how to use it. Sure, you will experience hypertrophy if you get a 500 pound shirted bench but that will be more from the training you did to get there. Doing 3 board presses with a bench shirt will give you very strong triceps but there are better ways to get big triceps.