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Bench Shirt Emergency


have grown out of my 52 super katana. have a meet 3 weeks from saturday. would like to get a 54 f6 or 54-56 katana-super katana. if anyone has one they are willing to sell/trade please send me a personal message.


Just curious...when you say you've grown out of it...can you still touch in it?


Just put more weight on the bar. You would be hard pressed to find a shirt 3 weeks out, so just suck it up and get a new shirt after the meet.


I was wondering what he means by outgrown...can he touch? can he not get the shirt on all of the way?
Overkill sent me a nice document on how to stretch the arms and shoulders of a shirt by 1-2" if necessary.


No I can not, the seams will not go where they need to be and touching was hard before, it is now impossible.


and when i say grow out, I am not exaggerating. since I was fitted for the shirt I have gone from 52" in the chest to 54, 58 in the shoulders to 61, and 18.4 in the arm to 19. thats what i get for not wearing it for awhile.


Try putting some tiny soccer balls in the sleeves, right where the sleeve ends if that's where it's constraining you. You can get them at walmart for a few bucks. Pump them up to 20 psi and let them sit for a few days. Might want to buy three of the balls, because you could pop one. Works like a charm on a Fury and a 2-ply Rage-X of mine.


Along the lines that pigeon was saying...you can do this alot quicker with a high pressure air compressor and some sports balls...take a football, deflate it, shove it in one of the sleeves and pump it up with the compressor. Keep a tape measure handy to see how much the material is stretching. I'd imagine that you can probably squeeze a little bit more lift out of that shirt especially if you can't find a new one.