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Bench Shirt Customizations


Hello, I'm new here and I just want to ask about Bench Shirts. I'm going to go ahead and order an overkill single ply black bench shirt. I was wondering what kinds of things you asked him to do to modify the shirt?

I Bench press somewhere around the Ballpark of 375-380lbs raw and with a used single ply F6, 415lbs, mind you I did not do a whole lot of training to be strong in my shirt. I do not arch very much as it needs a lot more work.

He offers the shirt with a standard scoop of 1.5" and was wondering if I should go full scoop available (no idea what that would be) and maybe some other customizations.


Hopefully you don’t need the shirt soon because it’s going to take a while. Even people sponsored by OK are waiting on gear. You will get more out of a shirt you can use than one are waiting for. I would suggest sticking with Titan and having a conversation with Ken Anderson. His reputation is very good and Titan has long been the gold standard of single ply gear. If you stick with OK I would get as close to a stock shirt as possible. OK gear is “custom-made” and extremely tight. You will be dealing with a lot just getting that shirt on, you’ll want to have more flexibility with the collar to assist with that. Good luck.


I see a lot of Overkill sponsored lifters do pretty well from double-ply. But, they can get everything tweaked whenever they want and have multiple shirts. If you like a low collar, call Ken Anderson and ask him about an Extreme Cut Super Katana. Best single-ply shirt on the market.