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Bench Shirt Beat Me Up!

on saturday, i maxed out in my bench shirt the first time at a meet. My first two attempts, 405 and 425 were easy, and my third try, 445, was fairly easy. I was warned on the first two attempts that the bar touched a little too far down my chest. On the third i tried pinching my elbows and bringing the bar higher on my chest. After i took my shirt off, my left shoulder hurt like hell! and it has only gotten worse. This is not a soreness, i feel i may have messed up the ligaments or something. it hurts to laterally raise my arm, or do a pressing motion against a wall, and feels weak!!! has this happened to anyone? is this something serious? i didnt feel a pop or tweak when i was performing the lift, and i use a titan f6… thanks guys!

Heyyyyyyy it’s Baby Huey.