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Bench Rules


I know you're supposed to keep your ass on the bench while bench pressing. My friend consistently does not and was wondering if it is "illegal" to raise your ass up after the bar has touched your chest.

I googled it and from what I found it seemed to be, but thought I'd double check.


Your ass has to be touching the bench, you also have to pause at chest, no reversing of motion and hold at lockout to show control...

Head on bench and foot position varies between federations i think.. don't quote me on it though.

Pretty much sums most if it i think...


Any raising of the butt off the bench once you begin the lift is considering cheating and illegal in all PL federations. In worst case scenarios you can use an extra big belt or a tube and tie him down to the bench (or just take some weight off the bar).


Is it illegal as in the cops are gonna show up and arrest him...?? I think not.

It's illegal in PL insofar as you get reds for it.

In the gym, I doubt anyone much cares.


i thought that it was illegal TO keep your ass on the bench during the bench at most commercial gyms. I see more hip thrusting in my gym than i've ever seen on internet porn.


Highly unlikely. You are only in the gym for a an hour or two a day, while you have the rest of the day to search for internet porn. I call BS on this one. :wink:


Correct, some feds require your feet to be flat on the floor, others allow you to be on your toes, and some feds require your head to be on the bench, others allow it to be off the bench.

Also, some feds have an additional "Start" command before you lower the bar. All feds then have you pause, wait for the "Press" command, demonstrate control, followed by the "Rack" command.