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Bench Recommendations


I searched to see if there were any existing threads that had any equipment recommendations (specifically, bench) but I was unable to find any. I’m sure there are some but I could not locate them.

I need a new bench to use with my squat rack in my garage. My cats have shredded my current one. It doesn’t have to be rated for some ridiculously high weight. I won’t ever be benching four plates in this lifetime. The one I have now is just my style: my brother bought it at a flea market for $3 and it looks like shit.

Does anyone have any recommendations or, at the least, what to avoid?


I like my bench from Rep Fitness.

Titian fitness has good prices with good quality

Thanks man

I think they’re the company I got my squat rack from! Will definitely check them out

I’ll second the Rep Fitness recommendation. I have the AB-3100 which was around $230 or so shipped to California. It is great — grippy pad, plenty wide enough and very stable.

A staple gun and a bit of vinyl will fix your bench. That’s probably the cheapest option and it is dead easy. You also get a staple gun out of it which everyone should have.

Look up replacing vinyl on a bench, there’ll be dozens of websites/videos showing how


Will definitely check them out then. Thanks

This is a good idea and I should have thought of it. Not sure I won’t walk out of Home Depot with an armload of tools of value in excess of the cost of a new bench though. May have to send the wife in there instead

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If you never want to deal with shredded upholstery again, get the Ironmind 5-Star bench

No upholstery, no shreds.

4000 lbs good God. That’s a nice looking bench…

Ironmind is big on over-engineering EVERYTHING. I have a dip belt and neck harness rated to 1000lbs from them as well.

In truth, you don’t need to spend $400 on a flat bench…but it IS a nice bench.

Mark Rippetoe sells a wooden one in a similar style.

Ultimate Bad Ass! Concrete! $60 at Lowes. In your face, Ripplistiltskin!


Rep’s benches are the best bang for the buck. Titan’s are a roll of the dice.