Bench question

Yesterday, i tried benching from the bottom(pins set at chest level) in the power rack for the first time.
I made 360,which surprised me, since I haven?t benched more than that in the regular bench(from the top). Btw, i always use a close grip(grip just outside smooth part), because i once had some pec/delt problems because of the wide grip.

My question is: how much stronger are you guys in the regular bench compared to the rock-bottom version?

Also, if this indicates a weakness thats holding my bench back, any ideas how can i correct this?

Read Dave Tate’s “8-Keys” on how to improve upon the various weak spots of a bench (at chest, midpoint and lockout).

Hmmmmm…maybe it’s late, but I’m trying to understand your question. Regular bench - you mean less of a power lifting style compared to a power lifting style?

I’m finding that a power lifting style has helped me improve my strength on the bench tremendously. I actually prefer it over my “old” way of benching. My weak point is at the chest; for this, I’m working on improving my strength in the front delts and lats.

I noticed I was stronger on this movement as well. I hit 315 for reps on it before I ever attempted it on the regular bench press. I noticed after switching back to regular bench i was much quicker off the chest and easily hit 315. since then I’ve got my bench up to 365 and that was about 3 months ago.

When performing a regular bench press, during what portion do you fail? The reason i ask if because it sounds like you are strong off of the chest, but i wonder how strong you are at midrange and lockout. If you are weak in these areas, then floor presses, board presses and lockouts would be good.

oooops! seems i wrote 360 instead of 330, which is what i did press.

The midrange part of the bench is where i usually miss. I

With regular bench, i meant taking it out of the rack and lowering it to the chest(the way you usually do it)- starting with the negative phase). To press a dead weight from chest level should be heavier, right?

Hmm strange

everyone should be much stronger with a stretch reflex kicking from the lowering
moving anything from a static start is always harder - it’s physics

You must lack eccentric, isometric and reactive strength :slight_smile:

plyo pushups could help you
as well as slow eccentric, iso stuff.

Thanks guys

this may sound rats, but, your form my not be so good on your standard bench. the switch from eccentric to concentric may initiate change in body position.
Only reason i say this is cause i saw a guy doing it today. was kinda pissing me off.