Bench program

I need a good bench program. I bench 110 lbs at a bodyweight of 110 lbs. I’m 14 years old and want to shock my bench a little bit.

I want to put on much fast, can anyone make up a good prog. to me or even give me a good link… Remember i’m a young teen and i cant do singles and that sort of thing i think…

(sorry for my english… im norwegian)

Check the FAQ here at T-mag. How do you know your max is 110 lbs. if you “can’t do singles and that sort of thing?”

Ed Coan’s bench routine might be a good choice. It has a good progression so you can work up to singles over a 14 week period. Just type Ed Coan bench routine into a search engine. I just started this routine this week. If it looks like something you’d be interested in, let me know and I’ll post some modifications I’ve made to it.

At your age, the simpler the better. The basic 5x5 works great.

What doogie said. I’d recommend 5x5.

And just for clarification, you can calculate your max bench by adding 11% to your max triple. It’s not perfect, but it’s generally pretty accurate.

The best bench program I have ever done is Muscle Media’s bench program. I love it. Do a search on yahoo or something and you can find links to it. Also the pyramid worked well for me when I was at your age.

The best way to increase your bench is don?t do it. Well not all the time. Spend some time on doing dumb bell presses both incline and flat. You don?t need a spotter for either one and so you can push your self harder. Doing proper dumb bell presses will also build up your shoulders and all the little helpers muscles that bench pressing does not all ways get. For a lot of people bench pressing becomes a mental problem they get stuck… There are a lot of people that can do 315+ at my gym but they can not keep up with my 3 sets of 5 on 130 lbs per side dumb bell presses. I know I am going to piss a lot of people off by saying this but personally (for me that is) there are a lot more better chest lifts then bench press. I mean look at the lift. Both arms are locked in a static and even fluid motion… no side movement to hit all the areas of the chest and how many times in life are your hands even when you push on something. Now don?t get me wrong I do bench press. I like it to build strength but for maximum mussel build and development I will all ways put most of my time in to dumb bell pressing.

What are you currently doing now? Do you lift at home? If you want to get stronger, how often are you benching. Give us background.

at your age pretty much anything works. what type of training have you been doing in the past? like the others said, give us some more background and we should be able to help you out a little bit more. by the way , good job so far, allready bench pressing your body weight at 14 is a good start. also don’t forget that there are other lifts besides bench. make sure you are at least doing some squats and deadlifts.

Nic had some good advice…don’t worry too much about your max bench at the expense of other lifts - build a good overall foundation. Also, I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST doing max attempts at your age (It looks like your on the right track there) just in case there may be a chance of damage to growth plates/joints. I would even limit training to sets of 10+RM or sets of 6 to 8 with a lower than normal percentage of 1RM (60%). As far as bringing up your bench, eat a lot, squat more, do some rotator cuff work (esp. external rotation movements), and develop all-around as I mentioned before. Good Luck.