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Bench Program w/o Back Work

Hey guys I’m just wondering what to do on a bench program without back work. For example ed coans bench program just calls for bench press, incline, close-grip, and then chest flyes. etc. For any bench program…cause I’ve seen a few where they don’t add back work…May we just add our own in…2x a week back work…one day horizontal, 2nd day vertical pulling…What do you guys think? Roughly 4 sets for each. Plus some shrugs also.

Try to incorporate 1 pulling movement for every pressing movement to make sure you’re balanced and at less of a risk for injury.

its a different body part so go ahead its not like you would stop working legs if you were trying to get your shoulders bigger


Ed Coan did a considerable amount of back work. He did his back work on a separate day than his bench work.

If anything you should do more back sets and reps and poundage than your do for the “chest”. Erectors, Lats, Traps and other little guys up in there should receive more workload than your “chest.”