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Bench Problems


I've been having trouble with my bench lately at approx 2board off the chest, thing is last time i did 2board presses i did 315 x2 paused and now i just missed 2 attempts at 300lb in a meet, I think i might be tucking my elbows too much maybe

any kind of input would be greatly appreciated

here is the video


First I would say just keep it simple, and remember the basics of the set up. Elbows in, shoulder blades tight with a good arch. Make sure you have a firm solid platform to push off of. Plant feet solid on the ground to give you a good foundation to push from. Keep tension all the way through. It does look like when the judge says press you actually drop the bar further down before pressing.. In some cases that can take you out of alignment, your groove, or whatever you want to call it.

Much like a bad lift off causes you to lose form. I don't know. That may be the way you bench, I have seen it done many times by some big lifters.. Anyway I wouldn't go drastic just yet. Go back to the basics, and focus on those for a few training sessions. Find your bar path/groove again.. Hope it helps, keep training man..


Did you actually touch your chest before the meet? You have to learn how to power the weight off your chest with a pause. This had nothing to do with your tuck.


actually 3 weeks before the meet i did a 5 week ME lifts that werent to the chest ( 3 board, 2 board, floor etc) so that sure didnt help

the problem is i have only regular barbells at my gym so its difficult to change my max effort workouts without repeating frequently the same pressing movement


Um... close grip bp, medium grip bp, wide grip bp, super wide grip bp, chains, bands (against and reverse), foam pad (like a yoga block), various blocks, paused, unpaused, floor press and any combination.

That's 9 without even going into the zillions of combos that can be made and all 5 boards. Over 2 months worth if you change your ME exercise every week!


do you think it should be change every week or should i try 2 weeks on to get the feel of things


should i change every week or does a 2 week wave be better to get hold of things


If you're consistently not getting a better number in the 2nd or 3rd week compared to the first week, then cut it back to 2 or 1 weeks.

If I'm going to use an unfamiliar movement for ME, I use it as an assistance or supplementary exercise a couple or so weeks proceeding the ME lift.


I've done this a few times, and I think it's a GREAT idea, especially for pressing. I'm usually a little gassed after my ME lower and dont much feel like doing another tough barbell exercise. I'm sometimes willing to experiment with a new pull after squatting or something, though.