Bench Pressing with Chains

i just started bench pressing with chains again. been about 1 and a half years since i trained consistently with them last. started today with 5 sets of 5. im wondering if i should keep 5x5 every other week and the weeks in between do higher reps in other movements like weighted dips, barbell/dumbell incline, pullovers and then heavier triceps for these weeks. or if i should just stick with doing chain bench every week, and just drop a set until week 5 where id be at 1 top set of 5 in which in creasing 15 pounds or so every week. but i feel i may get stale doing this 2nd method here. assistance work is just 1 tricep movement 3x10.

Its very important when doing chain work make sure your using a 5 foot cain and also a linker chain .NEVER want to attach the chain to the ends of the bar thats were the linker chain comes in.Also with your bench traing use bands on dynamic day at 50 to 55% for 8 sets of two reps.

Your first plan seems to be kind of inconsistant. You probably won’t be able to gage if the chains are working for you because your not doing them on a regular basis. I’d stick with them for a least one 3 week wave. First week would be say 25# of chains and work up to a 5 rm. Weeks two add say 5-10# lbs of chain weight week 3, 5-10# more.

Maybe try doing your main movement then a supplemental movement followed by 2 maybe 3 accessory movements. like this

main-bench with chains- 5x5
suplemental-Incline D.B. Presses 12 x 3-4 sets
Accessory-D.B. rows- 12 x 3-4 sets
Accessory-Tri movement dips, skull crusher, j.m. press etc 12 x 3-4 sets
Accessory- optional (shoulder rotation stuff would be ideal.)

rotate main movement every 3 weeks to avoid burnout. Rotate accessory movements to address weaknesses. This will serve you well.

were are u trying to get at dawg?

Not sure I understand your question PW?