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Bench Pressing with Broad Shoulders


Is it harder to bring up your chest if you're fairly broad shouldered? My shoulder structure is a good deal 'wider' than my chest, and I'm wondering if this means that during benching movements it's my shoulders that are doing the majority of the work. I do all that you're 'meant' to do when you bench- shoulders back and down, slightly arched back, etc- but find it hard to get a good squeeze at the top of the movement, which I think is due to my shoulders. Anybody else have a similar problem and has found a way around it?


Try to feel like you are pulling your elbows together instead of feeling the push with your hands. You should feel the movement in your chest and biceps. I know it sounds funny but try it with a little bit lighter weight to get the feel, then go back to heavy.


I have the same problem as OP I just hit the chest with db flys right before i bench to wake em up


OP weighs 131 lbs. Sounds like food is the issue.


Unless you're 5'0 you should never weight 131, eat like it's your job.


Believe me man, I'm on that. I'm actually around 140 now, but this time last year I was ~112lbs


Your shoulder width is not the problem.
Arching for a raised chest is serratus, ab, and middle back control and flexibility.
You cant squeeze at the top? Do you mean you struggle to lock out? If so that means your triceps are your weak link, or your elbow joint is struggling to lock.
If you think something is behind the others, do a single set of an isolation exercise to pump it up.


I have the same problem. What I started doing is lighter dumbell press in the beginning and then work it to heavier in order to get the "fluids" moving. I also finish with a ridiculous amount of cable flys. If this is the wrong approach, somebody let me know, but it seems to working.


try a super wide grip with lighter weight


I think that this is only a problem with technic! U should do better elbows work, I think that this is the biggest problem for all at start... work on technic with lighter weight.


finally, check diz out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh3t6T-nqP0&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tmuscle.com%2Ffree_online_article%2F%2Fdave_tates_sixweek_bench_press_cure&feature=player_embedded

this video is somewhere in articles here. Don't worry yourself about "6-week cure" but simple learn technic from D.Tate's video.

EDIT: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article//dave_tates_sixweek_bench_press_cure


I also have broad shoulders, not due to muscle really just bone structure.. add to that I am arm dominant. I have found a wider then normal reverse grip works well. Try going out so your ring fingers are on the smooth ring