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Bench Pressing Like a Pro...



What are your best tips for Bench Pressing with long arms (routines/exercises etc)?
I stand at 5'10 with an 84cm reach! My 1 rep max Bench is 245 at a BW of 171 at 19 y/o.

My goal is to improve to a 3 rep max of 315 by the end of the year...possible?
Anyone experienced such a gain (If so please share tips)?



watch ''So you think you can bench'' on youtube, (made by dave tate)
eat MORE, gain weight
strech for a better arch...
and find a good program (5/3/1, westside, ...)


Everything Wolfz said except for gaining weight. It would work but not necessary. If dont plan on competing then its not a problem but if you are wanting to stay around your weight then of course its possible. Like he said, find a good program. I myself would say 5/3/1 since you would get the steady progression while the assistance lifts would help add quality mass and strength to the upper back, tris, and chest.


First, I've never watched the Dave Tate video...Second, I'm by no means a pro and my bench press is the worst of my lifts, I've always struggled with it but recently I've made some good gains.

I watched the Westside Barbell video tapes probably 15 years ago or better and Louie discusses bar path, pressing in a straight line. The easiest way I've found to implement this is to bring the bar to your sternum, it will almost automatically force you to tuck your elbows and push the bar in a straight line. If you're currently benching like a bodybuilder (across your pecs) it's going to take some getting used to.

Next, one of the huge things that is tough to really explain is squeezing your shoulder blades together. It's almost like when people do shrugs and they rotate their shoulders backwards...when you do that, it shortens the "throw" of your arms.

Next, don't neglect training your lats/upper back...I did this for so long because I never seen how it could help my bench and I suffered for it.

IMO, things like skull crushers and pushdowns are of limited value to building a big bench. If you use boards, you will be able to handle much more weight than you will ever be able to do with a skull crusher...I still do them occasionally but boards are superior in my opinion.

Overhead presses have done great things for the guys I've been training with...

that's about all I've got.


Well, I went from 250x6 to 315x6 in one year when I was 19, but I also gained 40 pounds. You're talking about putting almost 100 pounds on your max, and if you aren't an ultra-newb, I think that's going to be impossible without serious weight-gain.

How long have you been training it? In general, I would say get your leg-drive up to optimal before you worry about anything else. Getting a strong start off your chest will make that long ROM seem shorter.


Cheers guys!
Good advice I primarily focus on squeezing the back but ill certainly look into leg driving effectively.
I plan on gaining weight but doubt ill get anywhere near 40lbs.

I've been training in total for just over 2 years but seriously/in a smart manor for around 6 months and the gains have been good.

Can anyone identify a muscle imbalance from the following statistics?

Bench 1 Rep Max 245lbs
Behind Neck Press 5 Rep Max 171lbs
Overhead Db Press 82lbsx5 Rep Max (Each Side)
C.G Bench 195lbsx3

Deadlift 180kgx2
BB row 195x8
Clean 70kgx2
Front Squat 250lbsx1
Back Squat 315lbsx5

Things look ok?


Eat and gain 30lbs


also quit pressing behind your neck.


x2. I think its risky for anyone but it especially for a powerlifting. You arent getting much benefit from performing em.


Ok nice I intend to pursue the bench press as my main upper body pressing exercise with the other as occasional additions.

The Behind neck press I use to improve flexibility in the shoulders it is very rare I go past 135lbs.

Just curious at what peoples other statistics (db presses etc) looked like for a similar bench?



Rowing strength looks good, although I would suggest that you go a little heavier, maybe sets of 5 or 6. I can't give any meaningful info on DB presses.

If you've only been training the bench press correctly for 6 months or so, then you still have a lot of room for improvement, so scratch what I said before. But gaining weight is definitely going to do wonders for you at this stage of the game. And a video of your bench would be nice, since it's hard to trust the technique of someone who hasn't been benching for very long.


Absolutely agree some good feedback -unstable - that's certainly something ill look in to cutting out the nonsense. I like to think I have a pretty solid selection of exercises but boards have always been something that interests me. Ta

In regards to the video I hope to have something up within a week. (Feedback on that would be invaluable)