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Bench Pressing and Saggy Pecs


Is it true that bench pressing will give you saggy pecs once you age? I've read this a few times and even Bill Starr seems to believe this is the case, which is why he prefers the military press. Personally I prefer bench press over incline press, especially since benches are better for my triceps.


Yes it will give you saggy pecs.....if you get fat and don't work out.


Aging will give you saggy pecs


Ask Bill why this would happen. Make sure you get specific physiological reasons.

Skin loses elasticity due to declining elastin levels, which is a natural process of aging. The ONLY possible contribution bench pressing would have would be if you built massive pecs and let them atrophy quickly by abruptly stopping to lift and eat in your later years. Solution? Just keep training, if even only once a week with lighter weights (which is important for successful aging anyway).



Its true that even muscle can appear saggy on the pecs. If you're worried follow Bill Starr's old school advice and perform only incline benches (all angles). As Pavel has pointed out these will give your pecs the look of an armoured gladiatorial breast plate which = cool in my book.


f'k off what are you on about??

fat gives you saggy pecs, go over 15% or so, then they will look a bit saggier, drop down to 10% and you're as perky as britney spears standing in the freezer aisle


Just do incline presses unless you are a competetive powerlifter.

Inclines at varying angles w/ DBs, a barbell (close grip inclines are great for triceps) will minimize the saggy pec look. I think it is a better exercise than the flat bench press, anyway.


One of my current client's main goals was to reduce his man-boobs. Thus far the only chest move he has done is the flat bench. He is already seeing dramatic results. As stated above, if you suddenly stop working out, yes you just might grow a nice pare of man melons.



What about overhead pressing? Would developing the shoulders to be large in proportion be a good way to avoid the moob look?

I am particularly interested in the opinions of those who press a lot regarding this (I do not count myself among this number).


So I guess it's safe to say that saggy pacs due to bench pressing are in fact a myth?